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Once upon a time there was a future… and this future seems to be now!

Nowadays, models, photographers and agencies are looking to the Internet as a marketing tool. Why? Easy! The Internet is an excellent and low cost way for the fashion industry, and specially models, to market themselves!

The world changes and the fashion industry always changes with it… You should be in keeping with the times! In the last few years, to have a unique, cool and personal style website is a tendency that’s increasing very quickly between models.

The Internet is a completely unique place, where there are customized groups of photographers, agencies, casting webs, newsletters and fashion designers, and where the models are contributing their “touch” to gain exposure either for themselves or something that they feel strongly about.


gisele bundchen

Gisele and her Blogspot dedicated to environmental care -

The Brazilian Gisele Bündchen, the richest model in the world, has a blog dedicated to environmental care where she publishes advice and proposes a “manual de attitude” (manual of attitude) with ecologic guidelines written by her. She also started a “green Blog” and has undressed to promote this campaign


green Blog by Gisele -

encourages posting personal videos on his website. We can see this sexy man hanging from a six meter tall tree, playing as a monkey, practicing capoeira exercises in the jungle and even kissing his girlfriend, obviously we also can find his profile, photo catalogues and career details, but the striking and attractive thing is to share his daily world.


Bruno Santos

Why do they do this?

In order to handle your public image or to present personal and professional live across the web, to show the part that anybody see of the photos sessions or may be to establish a more effective communication with your followers, just for promotional questions or to promote and get a job in this fantastic industry.

Bruno Santos

Bruno Santos website -

Whatever you consider to promote yourself, the advantages of having a personal site seem to be many

Argentinean Paula Colombini uses her website to show her gym classes and healthy lifestyle, and even her paintings and dogs! Meanwhile, the American Socialite Paris Hilton keeps on using her website to sell Cds, and Valeria Mazza prepares her website to chat with her fans. Ingrid Grudke, Naomi Campbell and many more top models all have a personal web site, what about you?

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

All you need to create a successful, fresh and useful website is attitude! You can include a biography, covers, editorial, catalogues, campaigns, videos, personal tips, travels and much more. If you are new to modeling may be you should start with a simple site, in order to allow agencies to easily get to know you.

If you don’t have a personal site there are many agencies that will invite you to be part of their scouting sites, it’s an interesting and important way to promote yourself! But don’t forget to select the reliable ones.

The benefits are many:

• Is cheaper than to create a printed book
• Everyone will have access to your site
• And the most important thing is that your book is available for the international fashion market, opening up possibilities beyond borders.


Lapoetto's Flickr (from Argentine) is a fresh and suggestive website example

In the months to come, many new models will follow this fashion and will open their official websites and blogs or will subscribe themselves with a recognized website, with new challenges in mind: to make themselves stand out from the rest, to innovate and give the industry a chance to notice them. New ideas! Besides curves and nice faces!



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