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  1. can you pleae i am looking for a photo shoot and i need someone help me

  2. Very attentive all this talk about a serious scam
    Nostalgia Modeling Incorporated es el nombre de la empresa ,¿alguien tiene referencias serias de ellos?La persona que contactaa es Louis Daniel y figura como modelo profesional de esta pagina

    I have to make known the history of an alleged international agency intends to hire amateur models by promising a juicy contract and trying to commit fraud by entering a large money as an advance and taking advantage of the international legal vacuum of economic transactions and compliance of the transfer or legality check,ask you to pay a fee for this course advancement, transfer and withdraw or cancel the check for invalid, they take the money that you never get ahead but what you have to pay upfront fees.

    I pray for this to be published this notice and block this user, I have plenty of emails from very serious to provide details of the scam.
    Sincerely, Maria

  3. Hola Maria Navascues!!

    A ti tambien te hicieron la propuesta el tipo ese? el Louis Daniel?Me gustaria comentarlo contigo.

    Un saludo

  4. Hola !
    yo estoy reciviendo mensajes de Mark Long que es de nostalgia modeling incorporated. Me ha mandado un cheque de 5.000€ y he ido a mi agencia y me han dicho que lo mas seguro es que sea un estafador

  5. Hi Maria,
    apparently, the guy, Louis DANIEL, did the same to me.
    Althought, he did send the check to me. Huge amount of money, and right now, I manage to cash the check.

    1) Did he opposite to this transaction, once you cashed it?

    2)He asked me to make a transfert of 4 000 via Western Union, although he sent me 5000. Is that your case too?

    3) finally he promised me to send me more at the end of this month, was that for you too?

    Did you have a contract anyway, because he sent me one?

    So I hope to be not in the same case (self deprecating), but I manage thanks to you, and due to a great friend of mine ( to NOT LOOSE MONEY. yoohoo!

    I hope that you have recovered your money, and thanks for sharing.
    PS: Could we sue him?

  6. Hola gente! a mi me han enviado un cheque de 5000 euros y es una estafa a si que no acepteis nada por que luego una vez que envias el dinero donde te dicen te cancelan el cheque y te dejan con la deuda que has enviado por desgracia tengo que pagar ahora 3300 euros espero qque leais esto y os ayude ya que a mi me han estafado y no puedo hacer nada o alguien sabe algo que se pueda hacer?
    el tio esste se llama david jones asi que ya sabeis 😉 si alguien sabe algo ya sabeis contactad conmigo en er_diwy@hot,,,

  7. Thank you for all your comments and it’s an unfortunate reality that there are scammers out the in the modelling world. If you receive a message through our site offering you work of any kind please make sure that the member has been verified as a Photographer, Agency or Industry professional. These members have been through our moderation process.

    If another MODEL contacts you with an offer of work, please REPORT this to us immediately as this could well be a scam. Models don’t usually offer other models work.

    Whatever you do please be careful with any job offers and verify the people by viewing their website and researching them thoroughly on Google etc. NEVER send any money to anyone offering you a modelling job. Any doubts please ask us first!

    Thanks and remember that the industry is full of good people too with real modelling jobs :)

  8. hola, ami me acaba de llegar hoy mismo el cheque de 5.000€ del tal david joness, por lo que veo es una estafa, me gustaria saber que puedo hacer en contra de el, o algo. muchas gracias!!!

  9. This is a dishonest person who is scamming models, please report this to support (click the Help button on the side of the website). Include a copy of the email you received and most importantly your profile details and email address. Help us to fight model scammers!

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