Jul 18

STOP THE PRESS!! FashionTV partners up with modelmanagement.com!


It’s official! FashionTV the world’s number one television channel for all that’s new and hot in the fashion world is now in partnership with modelmanagement.com!

Here at modelmanagement.com we’re very excited about this new collaboration with FTV, as it brings together fashion and modelling from both the television and the internet worlds on a massive scale!

So what does this mean for our model members?

It means more attention and more exposure, especially for our Premium Models who will now gain even wider exposure via FTV’s website and on FTV’s social media. FTV together with modelmanagement.com have almost 1,000,000 Facebook fans and our Premium models may well find themselves appearing as a featured Premium Model on the FTV Facebook page!!

There will also be a dedicated place where the latest Premium Models will appear on the FTV website, in addition to special contests, castings and promotions exclusively for our Premium Models.

What about our industry professional members?

This is great news for them too!! With more new model members joining from FTV’s network it means we can discover more modelling stars of the future and connect them with our member agencies, photographers, makeup artists and stylists on modelmanagement.com?

Watch out for more cool news about FashionTV and modelmanagement.com’s partnership coming soon!




  1. Great! Congratulations from Posche Models.

  2. Wonderful! I’m so happy to hear that! Congratulations to you!! Shirin From Iran

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