Premium Models Audrey Bouetté & Farouk Maamri shot by FACTICE MAGAZINE!

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Factice Magazine were looking for models for their summer editorial issue and searched through to see if they could find someone suitable for the shoot, and they did!! Our Premium models Audrey Bouetté and Farouk Maamri were the lucky ones to get to do the shoot with Factice Magazine who were really happy with the result, which was nothing but gorgeous..!

Your magazine is quite new.. tell us a bit about it?

Our magazine was launched in February 2011. It’s a new French fashion online magazine. Each month we publish a photo shoot in one specific theme. We work with people from all over the world and we want to promote people with all types of style, from different countries and all kind of beauty… We plan to do a print special edition. We also publish interviews on our website about photographers, models, fashion designers, stylists, hair stylists and makeup artists.

Why did you choose to go through modelmanagement to find your models?

We chose to find our models because it’s a professional website which provides a lot of connection possibilites including connection with professional models. The interface is really simple and to publish a casting is very easy. We recieved so many answers! Wow thank you… Finally we found two nice and very professional models for our photo shoot: Audrey Bouetté and Farouk Maamri.

The images are just amazing, where was the shooting?

First of all, thank you. We worked with an amazing team I must to say. I would like to thank the photographer Michele Yong, the makeup artist Magali Roux, the hair stylist Roza Geesa, the nail artist Sachiko Katsurada and our two models Audrey and Farouk. The shooting’s location was in Antibe (south of France) on the French Riviera. The place was really quiet and the weather was beautiful, just a little HOT lol.

What are the most important qualities that a model should posses?

For me a model must be professional. It’s the most important thing. The model must also be reliable, so that I know that it’s someone who I can count on. During a shoot the model have to be 100% focused on what he or she does and not let the personal life interfere with the work at that time. And of course it’s always good to be friendly and nice! I like working in a good atmosphere.

Will you consider using for future issues of Factice Magazine?

Yes sure! It’s a really interesting concept. The site allows us to meet new people working in the fashion industry. This allows us to expand our network and present our work. Every month we are looking for a new series of photos on a specific theme for the magazine and we are looking for artists all the time for our interviews.

Here’s the models Audrey Bouetté and Farouk Maamri’s side of the story..!

How did you make it to the editorial in the magazine?

– Audrey: I applied to one of’s castings and sent my photos with my motivation. I added a link to my photobook because I knew I had the required profile. Later I received an email telling me that I was selected. I was so happy that had given me this opportunity!

– Farouk: The editor in chief was looking for a male model for her serie, a model with special criterias to match the theme of the editorial. In the past I already contributed to the magazine with an interview, so she had me in her contacts. And as I corresponded to the researched model, she contacted me after validation of the photographer (thank you again!)

What is your best experience from the shooting?

– Audrey: I loved working with the shooting team. Everyone was very attentive to me and I felt very lucky. However, the best experience was that I had to quickly show the most beautiful poses in a short matter of time with a professional result, I was so excited.

– Farouk: All my experiences brought me something, I consider them all as important. Because it’s through each experience that I am closer to my goal.

How was it to work with each other?

– Audrey: At first I was a little embarrassed because it was the first time I worked with a boy! Fortunately, Farouk was very nice and I had a good feeling. We very quickly became friends and it showed in the shoot, I think it’s so important to have a good connection with the one you’re modeling with.

– Farouk: Working with Audrey was a pleasure, there was a good feeling from the start and I think the result speaks for itself, the rest of the team and I are totally satisfied with the final work.

What are your future goals and dreams?

– Audrey: My goal is to become an international model, working in various countries. I would like to grow with an agency that truly believes in me is my dream.

– Farouk: To work and go as far as possible in the fashion world.

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