LST MODELS Agency: A new, young, dynamic and creative concept

Monday April 23rd, 2012 by

LST Models Agency

Launched in 2009,  LST Models agency started their business model with the idea of being unique in a new market in the modeling industry , the Austrian one. They combined in the most professional way the idea of constant contact with their customers, fulfilling their requirements without loosing sight of good model training.

We had a chat with Thomas Tschebul,  Manager of LST Models, who explained us about the  story of their new creative agency, what it takes for a modeling agency to be succesful, and what advices they give to their models in order to stay on top.

Bouya, LST Models Agency

MM: How and when was the idea of LST model agency developed?

TT: We, consisting of a young and dynamic team, decided to set up a new and unique model agency in 2009. Of course we’ve been always interested in the events of the fashion world. Moreover we thought that the Austrian market has not been exhausted and we wanted to bring the model business to a higher level. This allowed us to combine our interests and the business. For us the most important thing was to set ourself apart from the mass and to make new exclusive faces public.

MM: What´s the most successful story of LST since launching?

TT: Early in 2012 our model Lana took part in Austria’s most successful fashion talent show “Austria’s Next Topmodel with Lena Gercke” and reached the 4th place in the final. During the show she worked in Paris, Milan and Berlin and she was very successful.

Lana, LST Models Agency

MM: What qualities do you think it takes to be a successful model and what skills are proving most important in recent markets?

TT: We think that it is very important that the model is ambitious and disciplined. The model must have a good charisma and of course be physically fit. However the appearance and measures must fit. You just have to have the certain something.

Mira, LST Models Agency

MM:  What do you look for in a model and how old are the models that you scout?

TT: We are always looking for special and exceeding new faces. However we will put our main emphasis in the future on younger people, between 15 and 19 years, who have great potential.

Celine, LST Models Agency

MM:  What career advice would you give to aspiring models ?

TT: We suggest healthy food and sporting activity to each model. From our perspective it is important to set yourself high aims and work always with ambition to achieve them.

MM:  To what do you attribute your success as an agency?

TT: For an agency it is important to identify new trends and to steer the agency in that direction. You should be able to offer different types and fulfill the requirements of the designers and customers. Other significant aspects are the constant training of the models and the contact with the customers.

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