Models Vs Celebrities: The Fashion Battle

Wednesday June 6th, 2012 by

Over the last few years, celebrity endorsement has become a real fixation for fashion brands and fashion magazines. Models are being almost knocked-out of print works and it seems there is only space for celebs. But why is that?

Brad Pitt, Chanel n°5 campaign 2012

A few months ago, David Ratmoko, Director of swiss modeling agency Metro Models also commented to us in an interview: “There’s an alarming trend of celebrities and movie stars landing so many of the prestigious modeling jobs, primarily due to the recognition value for the consumer. Another challenging trend is that so-called ‘real people’ are increasingly employed, especially for corporate commercials, adding a sense of ‘authenticity’ to a product commercial. To meet these challenges, we can only hope that the entertainment industry begins to appreciate again pure beauty and professionalism, which is ensured only by professional models, fully trained in what they do.”

Natalie Portman, Miss Dior Campaign 2012

In an age where Authenticity is the selling value of all things, it seems the public relates more easily to celebs than models… or at least some models. It is a known fact that actors and actresses emulate a sense of personality, on and off set: They play characters in movies and continue selling their image and personality off set (this also applies to music stars). The audience has a real clear vision of the actor/singer, almost as if they know them. For this reason brands book actors or celebrities, they book the personality and followers that come with them.

Rihanna, Emporio Armani Campaign 2012

Lily Allen, Chanel Coco Cocoon bag campaign 2011

David & Victoria Beckham, Armani Underwear Campaign 2010

French actress Marion Cotillard, Lady Dior Campaign 2008

Madonna, Louis Vuitton campaign 2009

Emma Watson, Burberry Prorsum campaign, SS 2010

On the other hand, Supermodels are working their way back to fashion. In the last few years, models such as Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer have been (re)featured in major campaigns and magazine covers, replacing the many younger models who were the industry’s obsession not too long ago. Girls like Naomi have great recognition in the fashion industry as fashion lovers truly aspire to them. And it’s this sense of aspiration that attracts the audience to the campaign! In a time of crisis, using iconic people in campaigns seams the less risky option for advertisers.

Christy Turlington, Yves Saint Laurent campaign 2009

Supermodels for D&G Anthology Fragrances, 2009

Linda Evangelista, Chanel Eyewear campaign 2012 (Photo by Karl Lagerfeld)

So if you are an aspiring model or a new face, you shouldn’t however feel demoralized as it’s up to you to knock down the competition! Try to think of yourself as a brand, and try to find ways to express your personality! Having a great body is not enough in today’s fashion communication! Acting is a discipline that can help you express your personality in different forms, so try auditioning for commercials as well as print works. As a model you are being constantly scrutinized by the public, therefore you should be coherent with the personality you want to portray. And remember… ALWAYS be authentic and real!