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Tuesday, 02/07/2013. At 10 o’clock the doors opened punctually to present THE Fashion Event of Berlin. For the second time this year people with a heart for fashion, buying agents and media representatives met again to get previews of the upcoming Fashion Collection Spring/Summer 2014. (among them german celebrities like Till Schweiger or Michi Beck).

Hien Le, an upcoming Designer from Berlin, opened up the spectacular event with his airy and light fashion collection which resembled a safari trip on a hot summer day. The following show featured romantic robes with a touch of retro and frilled bikinis made by the Austrian design talent Lena Hoschek. With such different styles, designers such as Le and Hoschek proved that the uber-cool fashion audience of Berlin is not only interested in modern fashion but also traditional fashion.

Highlight of the night: The summer collection of Alexandra Kiesel. The designs were presented by happy models who went down the runway looking glamorous and naive at the same time.. They even scattered lollies everywhere! The most appealing aspects of Kiesel’s collection was its inspiration from the Bauhaus, clearly represented by the minimalist shapes and stripes featured in the garments. Somehow it became obvious to us that the designer studied at a university of art!

Alexandra Kiesel - Collection S/S 2014

On Wednesday the fashion designer Anja Gockel impressed the audience not only with her Black & White creations but also with her collection’s accessibility. In fact, the designer will have her garments available in stores in size XL!

Marcel Ostertag, a young fashioner from Munich also took part in the big show. Like last year he walked down the catwalk himself. This year, he made a statement by covering his models in fancy gold-nude embroideries and by making a public speech on his own mother..!  Moving.. Or inappropriate. A question of taste.

Wednesday afternoon it was time for the german TV Star and fashion Designer Guido Maria Kretschmer whose Collection included over all long, brilliant sparkling evening dresses. The black & white trend was present in his show also. The collection was noble, nearly narrow-minded. To loosen it a little bit the designer added here and there a whiff of light blue and called it: a summer collection!

Guido Maria Kretschmer - Collection S/S 2014

Thursday’s Highlight: LaurËl! Motto of the year: Art meets Asia. Asian Prints on asymmetric dresses, partially decorated with glitter. Additional costumes with enormous sequins. Definitely special,  like always.
Matching with this, the german label Marc Cain who also included some Asian Models in this walk. A lot of swatches, huge prints but still sporty and elegant.

Marccain - Collection S/S 2014

On Friday noon sustainability was a huge topic. Fashion designer Anne Gorke showed a collection made of fair trade textiles, free of additives and eco-certified. It included earth tones, fringes and leather thongs. Strikingly considerable, future-orientated and well thought out.

Anne Gorke - Collection S/S 2014

The  Friday, and also Fashion Week July 2013, ended in the Tempodrom where the Stylenite by Michael Michalsky was expected yearningly. Cool and casual Outfits with a touch of pastel impart a facileness which enables the wearing in the every-day-life as well as in the office-life. Well, at least for those who can afford it.

So, what will we be wearing in Spring/Summer 2014?:
Next summer we’re going to wear Safari Outfits, quilings, Retro Styles, Black and white, gold and nude tones, sparkling robes, huge sequins, Asian Prints, earth tones and pastel. Basically we can wear nearly everything! The only thing which is really new and outstanding are the fair traded textiles. This has a future and  it is definitely in style. Thanks Anne! Keep up the good work!

Want to see the lookbooks? Follow this here!



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