5 super hot reasons why your new model profile helps you get more work!


You’ve probably already noticed that we’ve given your model profile in modelmanagement.com’s community a complete make-over. The new model profile design is optimised to give you maximum attention. It also looks stunning on mobile devices and tablets and your images can be double tapped to be loved We’ve listened to what models in our community wanted from their profiles and we came up with this brand new design, which will actually help you to find more modeling work!


Here’s how the new model profile can help all aspiring and professional models:

1. We’ve made it easier for you to get booked by industry professionals, such as verified photographers from the community. Since we recently launched this new look profile, bookings for models have increased drastically. Make sure you insist on being booked through our community, so that you always get paid for the work you do. It’s guarenteed as the booker needs to pay upfront. You’ll be paid 48 hours after the job and there’s 0% commission, so you get 100% of the fee!

2. Your reviews from your bookings are now easier for fashion industry professionals to see, making their decision to work with you much easier. Ask people in your network to leave you a review and build your trust! Check out the reviews this model in our community is getting.

3. Trust is one of the most important words in the model industry. You now have the chance to gain trust from clients who want to work with you by verifying your profie by phone and Facebook. Let people know they can count on you to be professional and they’ll want to work with you!

4. One question we always get asked by fashion industry professionals is, why can’t I see if the model is active? It’s important for a client to know that a model profile is current and the model is updating it and actively using it. This shows dedication to the modeling craft and gets respect from clients who want to work with you. For this reason we’ve added in the last login date and how dedicated (active on our site) the model is.

5. INSTAGRAM!! You now have the option to add your Instagram’s latest photo feed to your model profile. We know how much models are using Instagram and we believe that this is a crucial element for fashion industry professionals to be able to see you. Not only can they see your modeling photos in your regular image feed in your modelmanagement.com profile, but now they can also see you in a more realistic and present day way. This contrast creates the fullest picture that anyone wanting to work with you would require. Polaroids are out, Instagram is in!


Remember to add all your social media links and a website if you have one to your model profile and most importantly, check that they work after saving 😉 You don’t want to miss any opportunity for someone to connect with you!

Make sure you’re taking advantage of your model profile and getting modeling the work you deserve. Log in or if you’re new to modeling and want your free profile sign up now on modelmanagement.com