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ModelManagement.com had the chance to speak to Tiffany Tate, the Founder/Editor-In-Chief of Linger Magazine.

Linger Magazine

by Linger Magazine

The digital Luxury Fashion Magazine is dedicated to providing a platform for those who dream and create outside of the box of norm. Our style compliments our drive: hard-hitting, driven and focused.

ModelManagement.com: What exactly do you want to communicate? 

Tiffany Tate: Our publication features several projects that aspiring models look forward to reading. Our “Day in the Life of a Model” photo series that chronicles a models day as she participates in a fashion runway event, provide a behind-the-scenes look how a model prepares for such an opportunity. We also launch Themed Pictorial Challenge every year for creative teams to compete for a cash prize, feature in glossy print issue, and more. Linger Magazine is a supportive advocator for innovative conceptual designers who refuse to be boxed in the norm.

Linger Magazine

by Linger Magazine


MM: What makes your view of fashion unique?

TT: We admire the conceptual and abstract designs that are a creation from artists who push the envelope. Our focus from day one has been to feature images that evoke emotion and tell a visual story. Each reader’s interpretation of an image varies and we find that fascinating. We believe that this is what stimulates creativity and opens the minds of those who have been force-fed what fashion should be. The cookie-cutter design process is just not what we are into. We support designers, photographers and other creative talents who refuse to be boxed into a trend.


by Linger Magazine

MM: What is currently the most important trend in fashion industry?

TT: Right now, a trend that is most important is what I like to coin as “comfy couture”. Everyone is still talking about Victoria Beckham wearing flats to the NYFW runway shows this season. But for editors like me who are doing a lot of running around with their teams, flats are the only way to go.

Want to know more about this digital Luxury Fashion Magazine? Check it out here!

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