Be a ‘Brand Ambassador’ and be part of the fastest growing model community in the world!


We are looking for the young, the hip and the restless!  If you are a fashion blogger, model, aspiring photographer, stylist or just enjoy the fashion industry. Now is your opportunity to connect, network and manage the world’s leading fashionistas.

We are looking for one part facehunter- two parts fashion reporter. We want the behind the scenes of your cities hottest fashion shoots, parties and industry news.

As one of our Brand Ambassadors you can be the expert central contact for your network on

Teaming up with allows you to get a global platform providing you with visibility (exposure) and exclusivity as part of the community.
 We are looking for the truly outrageous and outspoken people who have something to tell the world.

We count on our ambassadors to generate the sort of buzz around the latest fashion news and serve as their city industry voice for We work with our ambassadors to figure out how to cross promote and get the focus these new industry professionals deserve. With our reach and circle of friends you have the power to connect us and yourself to thousands of models worldwide with new agencies, photographers, fashion designers or talent.

MM Brand Ambassadors enjoy the following benefits:

•    Upgrade to -Model or photographer- Premium Membership (200 members / fans in the local FB page)

•    Your own business cards  (600 members / fans)

•    Spotlight on Brand Ambassador interview on blog (where you can promote your website / blogs / other projects to an audience of over 60,000 readers per month as well as being shared with our International Facebook page)

•    Permission to use the BRAND AMBASSADOR logo as an official logo (see example)

•    Website tips and promotional material

•    Behind the scenes access for Brand Ambassadors to our events

What we expect from our Ambassadors:

•      To build a modelling network with the help of an official Facebook page for their country/city

•      Attend Castings and fashion industry events as an official Brand Ambassador in order to promote to friends and locals photographers

•      Help local members by offering tips and information about all fashion topics relevant in their city

•     As the Ambassador of your local FASHION NETWORKING INDUSTRY you will be able to welcome all new members in your area and inviting them to be part of your Brand Ambassador network.

Here’s how to get started on becoming our official Brand Ambassador.

First Create your profile on as  one of the following (Model, Photographer OR Industry Professional). Then simply answer the questions below and send them us at: [email protected]

•  In which city are you going to network?
•  What is your field in the fashion industry: model, photography, designer, blogger…?
•  Tell us more about you, your experience in fashion and in social media?
•  What are your links (FB page, twitter, linkedin, etc)?
•  Do you have a blog? Tumblr?  (If So Send  URL)
•  Which Type of fashion events (castings, opening, fashion shows, Fashion Parties) do you tend to attend frequently?

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us!!