Breaking News | The World Of Fashion Search Just Got Better! – MyFDB Partners with


If you are an Actor, Actress, Director or film addict chances are that you are already familiar with IMBD (The Internet Movie Data Base). Now, if you are a Model, Photographer, Stylist or any other fashion industry professional or business, there is a website that you should be no stranger to: MyFDB (My Fashion Data Base); The Internet Fashion Data Base!

Yup, the world of fashion search has just got more exciting!

Well, the news gets even better as MyFDB have just teamed up with, creating a perfect partnership. The two major brands are to combine their expertise – MyFDB: the industry standard reference guide and the model and fashion industry network – to bring something very special to the online modeling and fashion worlds. It’s almost as if it was meant to be!

To have a presence on MyFDB you need to be a verified fashion industry member. Take a look at the industry folk already on MyFDB and you‘ll see the top names in the business. Selected members will get automatic fast tracked verification and will appear alongside names like Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen, Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford!

There are many other cool things in the pipeline, so stay tuned! | are you in?