Model Agency Exclusives

Nov 23

Time out with Civiles! Get involved with top Argentinian agency working with Dior, Cavalli and Hermes!

By interviews Civiles, one of the top agencies in Argentina. As a national and international agency, based in Buenos Aires, Civiles has been working with brands such as Dior, Calvin Klein, Hermes or Cavalli. Find out what they are looking for and how you can be part of it!

Nov 16

Mademoiselle, the number one agency in La Réunion!


Mademoiselle is an agency based in La Réunion, a place where you can find beautiful young women who definitely could find a place in the fashion world. Mademoiselle’s goal is to discover and manage models in order to help them become Top Models, the agency does a careful selection by taking into account both physical and professional aptitudes.

Nov 12

Scouting BCN Model Management MAKES A DIFFERENCE!


Learn about one of Barcelona hippest model agencies: BCN Scouting!

Nov 6

Exclusive! Interview with one of Mexico’s top Agencies “Queta Rojas”


The official agency of this year’s Mexico’s Next Top Model, Queta Rojas Agency, tells us what an aspiring model needs to do to achieve their dreams, maybe you’re up next!

Jun 29

Making a good start: Exclusive Interview with LMA Fashion School


Model education is something that we don’t often think about. But modeling does require certain skills and they don’t always come naturally. What should you know when enrolling to a school? Looking for an answer we came to one of the best russian modeling schools

Apr 23

LST MODELS Agency: A new, young, dynamic and creative concept


This week Modelmanagement had a chat with Thomas Tschebul, Manager of LST Models, who told us about the story of their new creative agency, what it takes for a modeling agency to be successful, and what advices they give to their models in order to stay on top.

Apr 16

NEW AGENCY IN THE HOUSE! Metro Models: More than just an Agency


This week had a chat with David Ratmoko, Director of METRO Models, who explained how the agency concept started, how it works and what it needs in order to build a successful long-term modeling career.

Feb 6

Fourteen Models: Netherlands’ New Agency on the Block!

By like to keep up-to-date with the freshest news from modelling agencies, and so we decided to have a talk with our new Premium Agency – Fourteen Models. As an international agency, based in the Netherlands, Fourteen Models hold ‘quality’ higher than any other characteristic, and they gain this by training their models professionally, ready for their careers.

May 16

PARS Management | PEYMAN AMIN opens model agency in Munich!


Previous juror on “Germanys Next Top Model” Peyman Amin has started a new model agency named PARS with industry professional Sascha Ritt! The agency has all the right ingredients to make it a BIG success.. want to know Peymans secret recipe? Click on the post to find out more!

Oct 26

The Beautiful Faces of Cape Town: 20 Management Model Services Agency gives us a look inside their agency!


In 2005 Robin decided to put his extensive experience to good use by starting his own agency in the city in which he was born. 20 Management was inspired by the need to offer a more transparent and “open-door” policy to his contemporaries. In 2007 Robin employed Head Booker Roxy Halls to expand the 20 Management brand and has since grown to what it is today.

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