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Jan 8

Your Exclusive Human Barbie Collection!


Recently I´ve detected an uncanny style in the modelling world: human models are becoming…more…BARBIE-LIKE! You no longer only see barbies in the toy shops, suddenly you see barbie-like girls in human flesh! But is this healthy?

Dec 27

Living the dream and the cover of VOGUE – Interview with the fashion designer Paco Varela


After being wowed and impressed with Paco Varela’s innovative collection at Valencia Fashion Week, and his recent boom in the fashion industry with one of his garments in December 2012 cover of VOGUE España, I went in search of the hip fashion designer to speak with him and find out…

Dec 20

This time, we need YOU for our ETERNAL CATWALK!!


We´re doing something BIG and YOU will be the STAR!! If you think you would look great on our Eternal Catwalk video and want the whole world to see you, then THIS is your time to SHINE! Watch the Tutorial and be part of it!

Dec 18

OMG! Who the Hell´s Ever Gonna Wear That?!


Yes. That is very likely to be your first reaction when you see the following fashion shows. You wonder, you get lost in style, you think you don´t get a thing about fashion, you have absolutely no clue what those dresses are, and finally, out of great doubt, you shout out the title above…

Dec 11

Style innovation through Fashion & Technology


Have you had enough of people stealing your look? Check out our favorite couture looks created with the extreme use of technology and get inspirations for your unique style!

Dec 7

Grandpa MadiGaga Turns into China’s New Fashion Devil!!


So the story goes like this: the granddaughter opened a Chinese online fashion store, and the venture experienced a setback when the model for the boutique’s photo shoot didn’t show up. The grandpa came for a visit…read on for the rest!

Dec 5

We’re looking for the coolest and most creative Winter Street Style 2012!


Models and fashion insiders have proven that street style is a fashion trend too, that’s why’s modelStyle announces it’s exciting new Winter street style Contest, read on and see what you can win if you’re stylish enough!

Nov 26

The Top 10 Most Viral Fashion Moments Ever!!


It happens that one morning when you open your eyes, a piece of fashion news is suddenly everywhere! So picked up the hottest Top 10 moments when fashion goes viral!

Nov 19

How Model Cristina Belda Made the World her Catwalk!


Meet Cristina Belda, one of the three aspiring models that turn out to be part of the “Make the World your Catwalk” shooting! She tells us all about how liberating it is when you decide where the catwalk is!

Nov 8

E-fashion?! Are you buying online yet from sites like Asos, Nasty Girl and Topshop?


Buying clothes online has become lately more and more popular! To see the best online shopping sites check this out!

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