Fresh Faces – The Contest!

Nov 20

The Top-Voted Model of Portugal is Bruna!


Discover the interview of Bruna. This Top-Voted Model of Portugal has only 16 yo but she can surprise you!

Nov 19

Fresh Faces Winner Manos featured in Nomas Magazine!


Read on to find out about our latest Fresh Faces model contest success story!

Nov 19

The greatest Dj – Davide Nicolucci – at Fresh Faces 2014!


Meet Fresh Faces official Dj Davide Nicolucci aka DENNYCK!

Nov 18

Spain, the top-voted model is Leif!


The Top-Voted Model Fresh Faces Spain 2014 by Francina Models is Leif! Find out more about his story through this interview!

Nov 11

Fresh Faces 2014 World Finals Reportage by


Take a look at the reportage by to know more about what went behind the scenes with our CIS finalists!

Nov 4

Alara is the Top-Voted Model 2014 of Turkey


With only 18 years old, Alara is a the top voted model of Fresh Faces 2014 in Turkey! Let’s discover her through this interview!

Oct 31

Isabella and Karan are the Top-Voted Models of Australia!


They are the Top-Voted models of Australia, But who are really they? Let’s discover it through this interview.

Oct 30

Fresh Faces 2014 Africa: Desmond is the Top-Voted Model!


This Kenyan model decided to become a model by a funny way, and he is now the Top-Voted Model of Africa. Let’s discover his growth up in the modelling world through this interview.

Oct 29

Alberto is Top Voted model of Fresh Faces 2014 UK!


One of the most social models in the UK is top voted model of Fresh Faces 2014! Discover who he is..

Oct 28

Fresh Faces staying healthy with Vita Coco


Our Fresh Faces models and celebrities in Hollywood are absolutely crazy for this healthy drink, find out who and why…

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