Fresh Faces – The Contest!

Jul 2

How to apply to Fresh Faces


Fresh Faces application tutorial: an easy step by step guide to know how to apply to worldwide modeling contest Fresh Faces 2015 by

Jun 18

Fresh Faces Poland 2015: LIVE CASTING in Bialystok


Meet the Fresh Faces Poland 2015 model scouts at the LIVE CASTING in Byalistok on June 26ht!

Jun 17

Previous Fresh Faces Winner Ana Margarida featured on Showcase Magazine!


Discover Ana Margarida’s latest modeling debut for’s Showcase Magazine and be the next model to be discovered this year through our Fresh Faces modeling contest..!

Jun 9

Noticed Models launches Fresh Faces Malta 2015!


Attention Maltese beauties! Here’s your chance to be discovered: The top modeling agency NOTICED MODELS is launching the Fresh Faces 2015 contest in Malta! Find out more.

Jun 4

Alex Alvarez shooting behind the scenes at Fresh Faces!


Find out more about Alex Alvarez and his expectations of Fresh Faces!

May 6

Fresh Faces Model Contest – The experience of the models in their own words and being on FashionTV!


You have to hear what the models are saying about being part of Fresh Faces model contest and being on FashionTV! These are very cool videos from last years’ worldwide finals!

Apr 27

8 Simple Secrets to Increase YOUR Fresh Faces Votes


Looking to gain more votes in the Fresh Faces 2015 contest you’ve entered? We’ve got 8 awesome tips for you in this week’s editorial! Click the link to find out more!

Apr 9

Anja Rubik, Polish supermodel discovered in a modeling contest!


Anja Rubik has been one of the top super models since 2005. Did you know she was scouted in a modeling contest like Fresh Faces?

Mar 30

Fresh Faces Thailand 2015 in collaboration with A1 Models!


Attention Thai models! Here’s your chance to be discovered by a top modeling agency: Apply now to Fresh Faces Thailand 2015 model contest as the lucky winners will win a contract with A1 Models!

Mar 20

Get discovered through Fresh Faces 2015 model contest!


Do you have what it takes to be discovered by a top modeling agency and win a modeling contract? Read on to find out how to apply to Fresh Faces 2015 – the World’s most exciting modeling contest by!

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