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Jul 1

5 years of spectacular studio & outdoors photography by Sami Biasoni


Young and talented photographer Sami Biasoni!

Jun 23

From fashion editorials to architecture, Jérôme Pannetier has a unique touch for photography


See from Jérôme Pannetier’s eyes all the steps you need to follow in order to have a successful photo shoot!

Jun 23

Julien Baek: fashion, beauty & product photographer from France!


Learn some great tips and advice from professional photographer Julien Baek!

Jun 17

Marc Lamey, an award winning photographer specialized in fashion and portrait photography!


Marc Lamey, an award winning photographer whose work focuses on portraiture and fashion

Jun 12

Mélisa Hariot: fashion & beauty photographer expressing sensibility and emotions through her photographs


Mélisa Hariot, Fashion & Beauty photographer that expresses emotions through her images thanks to her unique style. See it with your own eyes!

Apr 1

Imène Pauloin – The ModelStyle Queen!


The stylish model Mimy Pauloin shares fashion advice with us! Check it out!

Mar 13

Andrea Claire, the award winning celebrity hairstylist and make-up artist!


Do you want to know what’s it like to be a celebrity hairstylist and make-up artist?! Check out Andrea Claire and her super fun career stories!

Mar 9

Carmelle Watkins – the Australian Make-up Expert


Discover more about Make-Up artist Carmelle… her thoughts, her experiences and the secret behind her success!

Mar 6

Lisa Ofner – The stunning model whose recognizable face can be seen in Close-Up Magazine


Meet Lisa Ofner and her modelling world!

Mar 2

Meet Urban Outfitters Photographer Harry Cooke!


Check out Harry Cooke and his brilliant fashion photography!

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