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Apr 1

Imène Pauloin – The ModelStyle Queen!


The stylish model Mimy Pauloin shares fashion advice with us! Check it out!

Mar 13

Andrea Claire, the award winning celebrity hairstylist and make-up artist!


Do you want to know what’s it like to be a celebrity hairstylist and make-up artist?! Check out Andrea Claire and her super fun career stories!

Mar 9

Carmelle Watkins – the Australian Make-up Expert


Discover more about Make-Up artist Carmelle… her thoughts, her experiences and the secret behind her success!

Mar 6

Lisa Ofner – The stunning model whose recognizable face can be seen in Close-Up Magazine


Meet Lisa Ofner and her modelling world!

Mar 2

Meet Urban Outfitters Photographer Harry Cooke!


Check out Harry Cooke and his brilliant fashion photography!

Feb 10

Judit Mateu: an aspiring model and her first professional photo shoot


The exciting story of an aspiring model and her first photo shoot. Check out the final result!

Feb 6

Beauty talk with Sarina White


Beauty mistakes, tips, secrets and many more from the professional hair and make-up artist Sarina White. Check it out!

Feb 5

5 minutes with.. Emerging photographer Pèlach Alonso


Another talented photographer deserves our “5 Minutes with…” interview!

Feb 2

5 minutes with.. Photographer Natalia Sánchez


Find out more about spanish photographer Natalia Sánchez and her never-ending love story with photography!

Jan 23

Fresh Faces Grand Finals – an unforgettable experience for Valerio, the man behind the camera!


Want to know what is like to work for the Fresh Faces Grand Finals!? Check out Valerio Tantarantana – the offical FTV videographer of this great event!

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