Model Industry

Oct 24

Our #ModelsSafety Comes First!


Our models and their families demand and deserve it, our reputation and business growth depends on it. Find out more about this important campaign powered by MAMA

Oct 2

150,000 models in your pocket! The Model Search App has arrived!


The Model Search App from the world’s most exciting modeling community. Ever wanted over 150,000 models in your pocket? Our new Model Search App does exactly that!

Sep 22

Angels: just pure female bodies


Victoria’s Secret Angels wearing even less than their lingerie on the runway!

Sep 1

We’ve got the proof: Models who don’t meet the industry standard measurements CAN BE successful!


If you’ve always thought that you have to be a 90-60-90/ 180cm model to be successful in the model industry, you have been completely wrong! Read on and find out our successful story!

Jul 31

The Man, The Myth, The Legend


An editorial about the men, the myths and the legends of the modeling industry. Interested?

Jul 28

Imperfection is Perfection in Modeling!


The story of a girl who made her physical imperfection a perfect start for her modeling career!

May 27

We Want More Men


Females are defenitely leading the modeling world, however, there are so many men who have a lot of potential and are there to be seen as well..

May 22

Finally a Modeling Community Where Professionals Can Book Models Online Directly with the Model!


Come one, come all: is the first website in the world to release something so revolutionary, it’ll change the modeling industry forever!

May 20

Another kind of modeling: Benefits of being a Hostess and Promotional Model


Modeling isn’t only about posing in front of a camera or walking down a runway. Promotional and Hostess modeling is HOT nowadays and a great way to earn as you model.

May 19

Let’s talk about: Plus-Size Models


The never-ending discussion about plus-size models needed to get a spot in our blog! Now the time has come and we would like to inform you that the plus-size modeling world seems to expand like crazy!

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