Model Industry

Oct 6

Dewar Studios – London: From Photography, To Modeling, To Acting!


If you – like us – are passionate about photography, modelling and acting, you will love this fascinating
look inside the industry as we get to talk fashion, style, photography, modeling and acting with London
based Dewar Studios.

Sep 6

Apps for Models – What do you think?


Here at we were surfing around iTunes and we came to the realisation that the app industry in the modelling arena looks rather scarce. There are many simplistic games which are based on the modelling business, however none of these applications get us very excited…so that’s where you come in!

Aug 24

Tattoos & The New Age Of Modelling


Years ago if you had a tattoo and you were a model, an actress or a dancer you had serious problems, now tattooes are just part of the personality and unique look of the models. Luxury designers such as Chanel have faked them, but if you can get the real thing why fake it? Kevin van Delsen is definitely not faking anything…

Aug 16

Helena Christensen & Unsigned Model Search Looking For The Face Of 2012


Supermodel icon Helena Christensen has teamed up with Cesar Perin (model scout) and Swarovsky Crystallized in: Unsigned Model Search; a quest to find the face of 2012!

Jul 28

Modelling: The Height Issue | Can I Be A Model If I am Short?


The height question is one that we hear often in the fashion industry and, believe it or not, it is one of the biggest misconceptions stopping lots of potential models from having a successful career in the model industry. Success is possible…

Jun 28

Fashion Icons | Carmen Dell’Orefice


One of the best things about being a model is that you get to work with the most fabulous people of your time, from the best make-up artists to the best stylists, photographers and of course fashion designers. Now imagine what must be like being Carmen Dell’ Orefice, the world’s one-of-a-kind fabulous supermodel who stood fashion’s test of time.

Jun 15

Genderless Beauty | Rise: Andrej Pejic


The times when we used to define people by gender – a he or a she – are over. Enter the new era. The era of genderless beauty. Fashion – just like art – is a reflection of society and of the times; as such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the latest modelling sensation is one that possesses a kind of beauty of such magnitude, that it surpasses gender definitions.

Jun 6

Beauty in the Unusual


Over the course of human history, the concept of beauty has transformed, adapting to the times. The human body has always been a source of curiosity and inspiration. Just step inside practically any museum and get a good look at the first nudes in paintings. The women reclining languidly are usually surrounded by food and sumptuous fabrics and would be considered positively overweight by today’s extreme standards. Yet these paintings are beautiful. Who decides what is beautiful? History has thrown some very strange features into the spotlight, making women go wild to attain these ridiculous ideals.

May 20

“Real” People vs Models – Which Do You Prefer?


Talk about getting to know your audience… New Look is the latest fashion chain to have taken these words literally, casting “real” people – as in their own customers (yup, the people who actually queue up at the till point in their shops) – to model their latest Spring/Summer 2011 campaign.

May 9

Wild Fashion From Sydney | Australia Fashion Week 2011


If there’s a place in the world where we’d love to teletransport ourselves right now is to Sydney, as it is Australian Fashion Week time! Teletransportation may not be an option (yet) but thank goodness we have the good ol’ internet so we can all be there too. Yay!

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