Model Industry

Apr 14

Vintage Supermodels | 5 Iconic Videos


Here are 5 iconic vintage supermodel clips that give us more than a sneak peak into the making of a fashion icon. As the videos clearly show, it’s not only the supermodel’s looks, fashion and style …

Apr 8

CK one Ads | Defining Generations


Fancy feeling a little bit old? Take 17 years off your current age and that is exactly how old you were when the last generation defining CK one ad was launched, targeting the youngsters. I know! Ouch right?

Mar 28

Plus-Size Fashion: The (dis)Connection Between Fashion and Reality


Here’s something interesting for you. I was reading an article about the number of plus-size women living in America. Hear this, nearly 65% of American women are above a size Medium, or even overweight, according to the National Center for Health Statistics…

Feb 10

Are you cool enough? Have you got street style? This is your chance to be on the catwalk in Cibeles fashion week!!


The online casting is being organised by “Soy Cibelino”, the fan page of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. They are looking to find 50 people for the catwalk with the cool street style of CoolPeople en Cibeles. Read the post to find out how to apply!

Jan 28

Who Loves Bambi?


See, when I was a kid ‘Bambi’ used to be this super cute, white-tailed Disney character, a baby deer who was more cute than fierce… And what do kids get these days?
‘Bambi’… The supermodel!

Jan 19

Tabea Weyrauch: Winner of The Model Scouts Tells Her Story


The year 2010 was an exciting year for 17-year old Tabea Weyrauch, who won an exclusive contract with IMG Models, the world’s biggest modeling agency, which represents supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum…

Jan 18

Even ELLE magazine focuses on online voting


Nine finalists stood out from over 800 competitors. The tenth got selected by the fans of the ELLE facebook page. 
From 18th of Novemeber to 31st December 25 candidates were presented on the ELLE facebook site and had the chance to collect votes and ask friends and family for their support.

Jan 14

Age Obsession | How Young Is Too Young For Vogue?


Vogue Paris Cadeaux is featuring images of children dressed in opulent fashions in their December/January issue. The little models, Thylane, Lea, and Prune were styled by Melanie Huynh and photographed by Sharif Hamza. We know that Vogue Paris is known for its desire to shock but isn’t this going too far?

Jan 7

Oh So Coco: The Wedding Of A Supermodel | Wedding Inspiration


If you are a model chances are that you get to slip inside a wedding dress at least once per season…and that, my friend, is a hell of a lot of weddings to be had in one’s lifetime! So, when tying the knot times come, who else knows how to pull the perfect wedding? Supermodels do!

Jan 4

Deathly Obsessions


When do obsessions go too far? When people get sick? When they injure themselves? When they end up in a wooden box? Where are the limits and how is modern life pushing women and men towards more and more unattainable, unrealistic and unhealthy goals?

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