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May 22

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger


Being a model means that you work with your image, getting criticized is indeed almost part of the job and it may discourage you from starting a career.
But don’t worry and learn how to deal with it instead.

May 21

In the shoes of Léa – Jenesuispasjolie, a young beauty YouTuber from France!


Meet Léa – Jenesuispasjolie and discover her world on YouTube, full of joy, beauty, fashion, and healthy tips!

May 18

10 reasons why YOU should sign up as a photographer on


Have you always wanted to know how can help your career as an aspiring or professional photographer? Read on and be surprised by all we offer!

Mar 18

Amy Maree Comber – Make-up Artist & YouTuber!


Meet the beautiful make-up artist Amy Maree Comber and check out her amazing YouTube make-up tutorials!

Feb 13

Look Gorgeous on Valentine’s Day!


You want to impress your loved one this Valentine’s Day?! We have some beauty tips for you on how to do your make-up, hair and outfit to achieve this!

Feb 11

Claudia Astorino – New beginning leads to success


Check out the story of Claudia Astorino – following her dream and becoming a professional make-up artist!

Jan 29

2015 Beauty Trends!


Wanna know how to do your make-up, hair or nails in order to look trendy and beautiful this year? Check out the new beauty trends of 2015!

Jan 28

How to find the perfect model for your project!


One thing that resonates with all creative freelancers and companies when putting together a project is just where can we get great models from at affordable prices?

Jan 12

The great model blogger special!


You’re addicted to fashion and the modeling world!? If so, check out the first edition of our January model blogger special!

Nov 18

More than 10 reasons why YOU should become a model on!


You want to become a model but don’t know from where to start? gives you the chance to find modeling jobs and contact top agencies and photographers! Sign up today!

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