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Aug 10

(English) Fashion | Trends 2011 | Magic Threads


(English) Forget prints. This season it’s all about vintage lace and vintage crochet! Everywhere you look there seems to be a stunning crochet or lace piece and some of the most beautiful examples that we have come across are vintage.

Aug 5

(English) Alexander McQueen | Beauty Never Dies


(English) One year and a half on and with a brilliant new designer on the masthead over at McQueen and the late fashion genius continues to be loved, remembered and revered by both fashion and art lovers alike, who with silent tributes, share their love and admiration for the work and legacy of the great designer.

Aug 4

(English) The Amy Winehouse Effect – A Music and Fashion Icon


(English) Everybody knows how much of a talented singer Amy Winehouse really was, everybody knows how much of a “bad girl” she really was, everybody knows how much she suffer from a heartache and in fact everybody knows that she struggled with drugs and alcohol but does anybody really knows how much influence she had in the fashion world this last few years? Here’s a post about someone who will truly be mourned by both the music and fashion world.

Jul 29

(English) Talking Fashion & Style With Fashion Designer and Stylist: Suzanne Ford-Carafano


(English) We are oh so excited at today as we get to have a fashion and style conversation with one of the most inspiring and iconic girls ever! The fashion powerhouse, trend setter, super stylish, creative and truly inspiring woman behind Spanish Moss –a fabulous online fashion destination– and American Gold, one of the hippest and coolest new labels from the USA.

Jul 20

(English) Swimming In Style | 2012 MIAMI Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim | This Season’s Hottest Most Stylish Swimwear!


(English) We spend so much time stressing about having the perfect dress or the perfect pair of shoes that
sometimes we forget about one of the most important pieces in our wardrobe; one which we will
be wearing to one of the hottest catwalks of the year: the swimsuit!

Jul 15

(English) Fashion | Gok Wan Debuts Collection For Sainsbury’s


(English) If you – like us – used to brim with excitement watching style guru Gok Wan tearing sleeves off shirts, ripping off ruffles and hacking off hems of simple, cheap pieces from the high street to style them up with a touch of haberdashery -and a sprinkling of Gok’s magic fairy dust- completely transforming them into knock-out, vavavoom pieces, you’ll die when you hear this… Sainsbury’s has been Goked!

Jul 14

(English) The Brandery Summer 2011, the new hotspot of urban fashion in Barcelona


(English) Barcelona will once again provide the perfect scenario for sharing ideas for living, breathing and experiencing urban fashion. Clothes mingle with brands, fashion with visitors, The Brandery with Barcelona. All in one place at one time—all at The Brandery. So don’t miss it! Because this year it’s open to you as well!!

Jul 13

(English) Fashion Trends 2011 | Duchess Style! Catherine Middleton: Style Icon


(English) Whilst there is no doubt that models make us all lust after the wonderful creations that fashion designers bring to us every season, there is a woman whose Duchess touch is proving to sell more dresses than some of the world’s top supermodels; Britain’s beloved new Duchess of Cambridge: Catherine Middleton!

Jul 8

(English) Paris Haute Couture Autumn/ Winter 2011 – The Highlights! (Part Deux)


(English) As promised, here is the deuxième part of our highlights of this season’s haut-est couture. The visions that come to mind when you look at Chanel’s sombre end of days sci-fi like catwalk are those of the apocalypse, of dark times, but not just any old apocalypse, one that has the spirit of Coco Chanel hiding behind every shadow.

Jul 7

(English) Paris Haute Couture Autumn/ Winter 2011 – The Highlights! (Part Une)


(English) As we do every couture season, once again, we bring you the highlights of Paris Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2011 so you can catch up with what les couturies are up to!

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