(Don’t) Mind the gap!


There’s a whole new bunch of female models beaming out at us from the catwalks and covers right now, and they’re not just grinning widely because they’re beautiful, successful raking it in, and, actually on THE BLOODY FRONT COVER OF VOGUE, no, they’re bearing their teeth for purely aesthetic reasons. And the secret is in the smile: part of the current crop of in-demand models, such as Georgia Jagger and Lara Stone, are unconventional in that they bear a noticeable gap between their front teeth.

Mick Jagger's daughter: Georgia Jagger

Now, in an industry where ‘perfection’ is so often sought-after for success and considering how important a mouth full of meticulous molars is for the US market, this is quite a revelation.

Especially when it comes to light that the gap-toothed grin displayed by these ladies has lead to a Stateside boom in quirky dental treatment. Some models are having brackets inserted between their front teeth to widen the gap and improve their careers and American dentists report that veneers with slight staining, grooves and overlaps are growing in popularity.

Jess grins and bears it. Photo: trendland.net

Last week the New York Times reported that demand is growing for customised imperfect veneers despite the cost of up to $2,500. Standard ones only cost around $700. “The white standard got too white,” one Manhattan dentist told the paper. “The perfection standard got too perfect.”

This gap-toothed pout has been one of fashion’s most sought-after accessories for the past two seasons, kicked off by Australian model Jessica Hart’s appearance in the 2009 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and culminating with supermodel, and the current face of Calvin Klein, Lara Stone becoming the poster girl for the look.

And pretty in pink. Photo: trendland.net

British consumers may soon be imitating their American counterparts. Mick Jagger’s daughter Georgia is going goofy on the cover of the latest edition of British Vogue and appears in ad campaigns for Versace and Hudson jeans.

Lara Stone: winking for all she's worth. Photo: i-d.com

So it seems there’s a (ahem) gap in the market for all you models out there with a space between your front teeth. Madonna – the orginal gap-tooted star who famously refused surgery to fix her gnashers – will be grinning widely with pride.

Madonna: the original gap girl. Photo: babble.com