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When French Elle ran an article on ‘How to Become Hip in 15 Steps’, there was no question about Step 1: have your photograph taken by Face Hunter.

Long gone are the days when fashion trends were created by designers, celebrity models and fashion editors, now fashion stems from the streets of the globe to the runway, sometimes even bypassing the fashion industry completely!


Face Hunter is at the forefront of this fashion revolution, snapping some of the most stylish looks found in the streets of the world, as he travels the globe, discovering beguiling individualists in and around 30 countries.

These unexpected new icons of style are gathered together in over 300 photographs, accompanied by Face Hunter’s sharp observations from the new frontline of fashion: the street corner.


32-year-old Swiss-born Yvan Rodic, is the one man behind Face Hunter, one of the most innovative and influential fashion blogs on the internet, as well as being one of the world’s most widely read fashion blogs with up to 30,000 hits a day!!!

He also has his own show called ‘The Face Hunter Show’, check it out:

VOGUE featured him on the March 2010 issue and Thames & Hudson has just published his book called ‘FACE HUNTER’, which is a fantastic recollection of his amazing work.

Yvan is also a regular contributor of magazines such as: French GQ, Tokion (Japan and NewYork), Cover (Denmark) and Modette (Sweden); and we are delighted to have him as one of the official judges in Paris, at our modelmanagement.com FRESH FACES 2010 contest.


But how did it all happen? What is the secret to becoming a succesful style hunter?
What characteristics will he be looking for as a judge at our FRESH FACES 2010 contest? Where does he find the time to do all of this? Where does he live? Is he single? 😉

This is YOUR chance to ask him!


Modelmanagement.com is marking the launch of the FACE HUNTER book by inviting our readers to put their questions to Yvan Rodic. The best questions will be published on our Blog in an exclusive interview next month and the winner of the best question will receive a free copy of his book: ‘FACE HUNTER’ – including a note from the man himself!



And the best news is? you can participate from absolutely ANYWHERE in the world, just send us
your question to be in for a chance to win.

To take part, simply add yourself onto our Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/modelmgmt and Twitter: http://twitter.com/modelmgmt and send us one question for Yvan Rodic, along with your name, occupation and location to: [email protected] by the end of Friday 7th May 2010

We’ll put the best questions to Yvan for the interview to be published in our Blog and the winner will be chosen via our Facebook page!

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With special thanks to Marc Charach, David Naveira, Sara Robles Romero and Thames & Hudson