Exclusive Interview – Meet The Man Behind MyFDB (My Fashion Data Base) CEO Keith Britton


To give you a better idea about MyFDB — the new collaborating partner of modelmanagement.com — and to show you what this fantastic fashion industry tool in the form of a website offers, as well as how it can help you boost and credit your fashion career; we’ve set up this exclusive interview with Keith Britton CEO of MyFDB (My Fashion Data Base) who will tell you all about MyFDB and how to make the best out of your MyFDB. Enjoy!

-How long ago did you launch and what is MyFDB’s ultimate goal? We launched a public site in February 2010. We are very proud to be setting the standards of how fashion credits are treated and professionals are getting “credit where credit is due”. We also want to help brands and magazines spoil their customers with a better digital experience. It’s no secret that digital leads all the trends today. We believe by connecting the magazines and brands direct to their consumers on MyFDB, that we’ll deliver better value to everyone. That’s the ultimate path forward and what’s next for MyFDB.

-What is Zoe Saldana’s involvement with MyFDB? Zoe is a Co-Founder and partner in the company. She has been instrumental in helping us understand how to better serve the credited fashion professionals given she works with them almost daily. For instance, one problem she had was that she wanted a place similar to IMDb that would allow her to view the credited work history of fashion professionals and photographers before agreeing to work with them. Problem solved on MyFDB!

-Who else forms part of the MyFDB team? Our Co-Founder Jordan Glassberg has been with us in this journey from the beginning. We also are very proud of the senior team, board members and advisors we have been able to assemble around this vision.

-You mentioned that your main goal is to help “amplify the spotlight on credited fashion professionals” – How does the credits system works? That’s right, it‘s just logical that anyone who has worked to create an image should get “credit where credit is due” for their work. Before MyFDB, the professionals didn’t have a website that was celebrating them, making it easy to market themselves or allowing them to add their credits to images they had created.

-What is the difference between the 3 services that you offer? MyFDB.com is for anyone that wants to browse inspirational images or follow and bookmark their favorite celebrities, models, photographers and so on. MyFDBPro is for those who want these features in addition to the largest directory as well as the ability to control their Verified MyFDB profile through “Portfolio Manager”. Our Enterprise service is still in private Beta and will focus on making it easy for companies that have an image intensive workflow to access and share their images every day – some of the images you see on MyFDB profiles could be final products from our behind the scenes enterprise service!

-What’s the approval process like for being registered? Anyone can register for free to access their own dashboard to follow and bookmark the people, brands, or magazines that interest them. If we have already built you a profile on MyFDB, you can simply request access to it by clicking the “get verified” button on your existing profile. You can also request a profile within the dashboard and with our exciting new Portfolio Manager feature, anyone with a profile can add images of their work to their verified profile on MyFDB.

-Who can join MyFDB? It’s really for anyone who loves fashion, magazines, luxury brands, celebrities, and models-you can browse them all at MyFDB.com. We will continue to add shopping opportunities to the images throughout the end of the year as well. With MyFDBPro, professionals can get listed in the directory for free by requesting a profile or verifying a profile we’ve already created for them.

-How do companies, businesses and fashion labels/designers and individuals benefit from using MyFDB? Very simply put, people come to our site first to check for verified work and official images from magazines, brands and professionals – many also use it to vet/source professionals. So, it benefits them all to make sure their profiles are up to date because Myfdb.com is highly regarded and trusted when it comes to fashion credits. All businesses and brands are welcome to use the site to increase awareness and create a portfolio that’s easy to share. It is another tool to amplify awareness to consumers or industry professionals.


-Tell us a little about the new partnership with MyFDB and modelmanagement.com MyFDB.com is working so our content is accessible not just domestically but abroad as well. In looking at strategic partners to help us scale in a symbiotic way, we saw the great market penetration and product modelmanagement.com had in Europe. Luckily for us, they were looking to do the same in North America and the partnership was formed. From a general sense, we are aiming to create exposure reciprocally in our respective markets initially and potentially grow into deeper integration in the future.

-You are also about to launch a shopping section at MyFDB, how is that going to work? (Will it be similar to Net-A-Porter for example?) Yes, it has launched and we’ll be working hard through the end of the year to add Product Credits to all of our images…that’s a lot of work! However, shopping is very simple, as you are browsing say your favorite magazine cover, you will see “Product Credit” tags on the image that click through to shopping opportunities powered by Net-A-Porter and many other partners in association with Taggstar.

-There’s been a lot of conversations in the media and the industry lately about the role and work of bloggers. The need to differentiate and credit professional bloggers, copywriters and fashion journalists, has become apparent. Is there a place for pro bloggers, style hunters and independent fashion journalists/writers/copywriters to be credited at MyFDB? We feel they are valid contributors to the fashion industry and you’re exactly right – we want to see the creative individuals that are such a vital part of the industry credited as well. This is why we have included bloggers, journalists, and interviewers etc. as credited professionals on MyFDB – there is a place for them to create or verify their existing profiles and they can even create a portfolio of their work.

-What other services do you plan to offer in future? This year, we’ll be launching MyFDB Vintage, a new section of the site dedicated entirely to vintage images dating back to the 1930’s – we can’t wait to reveal it!

MyFDB vintage

Thanks so much Keith! So, if you are a fashion industry professional make the best out of this free resource and make sure that people are able to “MyFBD and modelmanagement.com you” – and your work.

It’s all about networking!

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