Fashion Has Gone Burlesque!



After this week’s premiere of ‘Burlesque‘ the movie in London, the fashion capital seems
to have contracted a serious case of Burlesque-itis! Not only are burlesque shows the
talk of the town, as well as the choice of entertainment with companies choosing to
celebrate their Christmas parties at burlesque shows but also fashion now seems to
have caught up with the burlesque revival.

Levante is featuring a burlesque lingerie collection which couldn’t be more burlesque:


Jonathan Aston has produced an exclusive burlesque inspired line of tights appropriately
named ‘Burlesque Legs’ featuring these pretty little illustrations:


High street chain Miss Selfridge – part of the Arcadia group – has also released a ‘Burlesque
collection’ and you would have never guessed that this is a poster for Miss Selfridge would


But the crown goes to Coco de Mer who went the extra mile by hiring actual burlesque
performers – the fabulous Cabaret Rouge ladies, part of the troupe of the Wam Bam Club
to perform a live ‘Lady Marmalade’ number in the window of their London boutique. The
faces of the passers by when they see the ladies dancing to the tune of ‘voulez vous
coucher avec moi…’
and performing a cheeky burlesque routine are priceless! 🙂

Add to that the fabulous new French Burlesque film ‘On Tour’ featuring real burlesque stars
as the cast and France is also in!

Ah, but you heard it here at first when we predicted the burlesque
boom last summer and we did this fab interview with Lady Alex from the Wam Bam Club at
Cafe de Paris in London.

So, Burlesque… is the show really over? I don’t think so.

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