(English) Model Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) Becomes Fashion Sensation

Friday 4 March 2011 by


  1. God I love this post Nonita!

  2. The man is incredible.
    He´s a freakin´ GOD.

  3. Thanks Marc. Thought of you when writing it actually, thought you might like. :)

  4. Hells Yeah! I like him a lot too. :)

  5. This guy is from my home town :)

  6. I think he sounds like a regular guy but I tell ya…I hope he doesn’t regret his tattoos when he’s older….and he just looks creepy…but ~ you can’t judge a book by his cover :)

  7. I don’t think the idiom “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is really appropriate here, given that this man himself chose to be permanently decorated like a skeleton…

    You’ve got to wonder about the mental stability of someone who would choose to do this to themselves

  8. Where does this guy work? How much does he earn? How much education does he have?

    I wouldn’t want a policeman, fireman, doctor, dentist, lawyer responding to my calls for assistance looking like this.

    He may not regret it now but there’s no doubt in my mind he will, later in his life?

    This is way beyond liberal thinking!

  9. Rick is amazing! his tattoos r superb, god bless him for being him & def d guy who did his tattoos

  10. He looks really cool in a shoot for the new issue of Schön! Magazine.

  11. biggest crush on this man. he is gorgeous and really adorable when he laughs. would love to meet him one day!

  12. Instead of the Oprah effect, its the Gaga effect:
    who would Rick Genes be, if he wasn’t in a Gaga Vid?

  13. He’s stunning.

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