Oct 7

(English) Meet our Fresh Faces 2014 Finalists!


(English) Meet our finalists of the Fresh Faces Contest 2014!

Sep 22

(English) Angels: just pure female bodies


(English) Victoria’s Secret Angels wearing even less than their lingerie on the runway!

Sep 1

(English) Frank Nader’s pictures will let you speechless!


(English) Today lets focus on Frank Nader, a Swiss photographer who lived and traveled to exotic countries! From inspiration to photo shoots, everything comes from there!

Aug 29

(English) Quentin Décaillet, the perfect wedding photographer!


(English) After Jay Land and Sven Germann, it’s time to discover another Swiss photographer: Quentin Décaillet, specialist in wedding photography. Seems exciting isn’t it?!

Aug 8

(English) Meet Jay Land, the coolest photographer ever!


(English) Discover one of the best photographer in Switzerland: Jay Land! You’ll probably fall in love with his work and his natural and captivating pictures!

Jun 27

(English) #ModelSafety: How to Avoid Being Scammed as a Model


(English) Unfortunately, modeling scams are quite common in the modeling industry, so we’ve put together the ultimate top tips for how to avoid being scammed!

Jun 19

(English) 5 Minutes With…Portrait Photographer, Robin Roemer!


(English) Which photographer has worked with the some of the biggest name artists in the industry, the most well known YouTubers AND brands like MTV, Dove & Levi?
Robin Roemer is her name, come check out her story!

May 15

(English) 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Being A Model


(English) There is an idealized image about models that they are living the perfect life and having the perfect job. Everything works out for them right? Well, you may change your way of thinking after reading this article about what you DON’T KNOW about models!

Mar 20

(English) Jay Marroquin had the courage to dream big… and look where he is now!


(English) Interview with exclusive Photographer Jay Marroquin, who worked for the world’s top designers and covers Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan!

Mar 11

(English) Africa Welch: « Photography is not about how it should be, it’s about how you want it to be »


(English) Photographer Africa Welch is speaking with us about her experiences of being a photographer. All the way from how she got started and where she is now. She provides aspiring photographers a very usefull tip too! Are you curious? Read on!

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