From Lanvin, Versace and Marni…with love, for the one and only …H&M


Lucky for us all, co-branding is very popular these days. Now designs that you could buy for hundreds or thousands of euros are now accessible (and affordable) for the high-street fashion clientele. That’s great!!! It’s obviously a win-win situation for everyone, right? take a look at the history of popular high street label H&M and it’s collaborations with high end designers.

The first one was Karl Lagerfeld in 2004 , then Jimmy Choo. And in 2010 Lanvin  made a partnership to create a collection for H&M . It was a huge success!

I absolutely loved the dresses and I’m pretty sure you all did too.

Alber Elbaz, the Lanvin genius,  named the collection “Lanvin hearts H&M” and then the love spread.

The model chosen to represent the designs in the Look Book was the Romanian top model Irina Lazareanu, a good friend of supermodel Kate Moss.
In the full ad campaign we see a selection of gorgeous models – Natasha Poly, Hannelore Knuts, Tati Cotliar, Jane Schmitt and Garance Dumont.

Then, last year, Versace came with a colorful and flamboyant collection. Colors!…Colors!…Colors!…and again Colors!

Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor at H&M who had collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld, was glad to affirm that Donatella Versace shared with the fast fashion brand some “iconic designs from the archives”. Mmm…mmm… smelled like vintage style with a modern print. I was never a big fan of Versace, but the collection had a sort of power to send us to a  fairy tale landscape.

And this year we have Marni’s bold and joyful prints on H&M clothes. I’m in love with the designs and cannot wait to wear some.

For the ad campaign , they thought of choosing Sofia Coppola as the director of the short film where starring natural and beautiful actress Imogen Poots. I see the idea of the collection as a sort of young and romantic mood.

Who do you think will be the next luxury fashion brand that will design for H&M ? I was thinking of Balmain. Awww I’d love to see that ! Or maybe Tom Ford?  Who knows… We´ll wait and see.

I’m quite curious. What’s your opinion regarding co-branding between these luxury fashion brands and the high street fashion brand H&M ? I believe that for H&M is definitely a good one, but what about the partners? Could this harm their brand image?

Well I am positive that is a good one for both parties. And also for all of us. It´s a dream come true !