GARNIER – The Live Casting, the winners, the pictures!


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The winners are announced! 9 candidates made it and are now the lucky ones who will participate in the next GARNIER TV Commercial! Many of these models were found through a casting on!

Even if the weather made it impossible for some of the 60 candidtes to come to the live casting in Dusseldorf, the GARNIER Jury was successful with the search for the their models for the next GARNIER commercial. GARNIER hair expert Sina Velke, GARNIER marketing director Stefan Heidrich, RTL Director Ulrich Klugius and Nicole Reichl, Brand Director at Publicis, who made the final choice, and it wasn’t easy to find the best 9 out of so many good candidates.

In Novemeber a total of more than 1,600 people applied to the “So wirst Du zum Star” (“This is how you become a Star!”) casting. 60 of them were invited to the live casting – these were the 30 best voted and 30 wildcard candidates. Due to the bad weather conditions unfortunately only 43 made it to the casting. There everybody had the chance to convince the jury of his or her skills. 
Right after the casting the jury got together for a first meeting. The final decision about who were the 9 lucky models was published last week.

The commercial with the winners will be on air in spring throughout the next „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“ season on RTL television. The shootings will be taking place in Janury/February 2011.

Of course we will report live about it!!!

We are very proud that we at could contribute with our casting alerts to help Garnier find model talent and make their casting a success. Here are some of the lucky models and their profiles:

Ketty -

Christopher -

Jaqueline -

Charlotte -

We spoke to Charlotte and Christopher after the casting to find out about their experience:

MM: How did you find out about the “So wirst Du zum Star”  casting?

Charlotte: I found out through about one month ago that Garnier is about to do a new commercial campaign. The casting happened with an online voting from which the 30 best models got invited to the live casting in Dusseldorf. To not loose any time I created myseld a profile so all of my friends and family could vote for me.

Christopher: I also found out through the internet about the Garnier Casting.

MM: What’s your opinion about the idea of an online casting and voting?

Christopher: Personally I like the idea of an online casting a lot! The fact that the internet offers unlimited possibilities and shows how useful it can be, for example for this casting. It  even gives people who are not represented by an agency a good chance to be selected.

Charlotte: Exactly. This online voting opens a great chance for unexperienced, new faces to start a potential career. It was a close race, that’s why I never thought I’d be one of the finalists.

Photos from Charlotte's profile

MM: What did you think when you heard that you were one of the finalists?

Charlotte: When finding out through facebook that I really was one of the best 30, it was a load off my mind. I was really looking forward to the casting. Even the announced bad weather warning couldn’t stop me at this time.

Christopher: When I came to know about being one of the finalists, I was more than happy of course 🙂 . To be chosen as one of the top 30 out of so many applicants made me really happy. And this fact is a big motivation!

MM: Which expectations did you have? How did you imagine the live casting? And how was the day in Dusseldorf in the end?

Charlotte: I expected the jury to be sitting in a seperate room where they would be asking questions to every single candidate to know us a bit better. And this was exactly what happend in Dusseldorf.
 I didn’t have to wait long until a nice lady called me for the photo shoot where they took some polaroids of me. The photographer put one of them together with the casting form in a folder which I had to hand out together with my book to the jury. 
After this I was asked to meet the jury and immediately I felt the sympathy and ambition of the 4 jury members to find the right model for their campaign. They asked me questions and wanted to know a lot about me in person. Furthermore one of the jury members had a look at my hair and made a really nice compliment about my body 🙂 At the end i needed to walk in a “punky” style. Well, I shook my hair and roared like a lion to showing the jury that I’m not one of the shy ones. I thought it doesn’t matter how embarrassing it will be, after all I wanted this job and I had to stand out of the crowd and get recognation value.

Christopher: Well my expectations matched up more or less whith how it was in the end. I already thought that we have to perform something. Of course they want to test you which is only justified. 😉 For example I was allowed to juggle…went down well 😀 !
The whole day in Dusseldorf was great! Except from the long train ride I cannot complain. It was really fun 🙂

Photos from Christopher's profile

MM: What did you like the best? Your conclusion?

Christopher: I liked a lot that all the jury members and the whole GARNIER team were so nice and relaxed. This made the candidates feel relaxed and we were able to present ourselves as we are.
The GARNIER Casting was really great 🙂 The team and the finalists all had a good time, the atmosphere was relaxed and we felt comfortable, even in front of the jury.  A TOP casting!

Charlotte: The casting was brilliant, especially because the jury and the whole GARNIER team have been so nice and took away all the inhibitions, so we were even able to do something crazy 🙂

Charlotte and Christopher made a good job at the live casting and are now 2 of the lucky ones participating in the shooting. We are really excited about their further experience and we’ll keep you updated about the shoot, the other models and the result…