Hips too big to be a model? 2cm to be precise.


Last week fourth winner of Holland’s Next Top Model, Ananda Marchildon, filed a lawsuit against Elite Models and reminded us once again about the debate that will forever haunt the modelling and fashion industry…

According to Elite Models standards, Ananda is too fat to be a model. Her hips were 92cm (37.4 inches) wide at the time. And this exceeds their maximum standard of 90cm (35.4 inches). The average woman in Europe has hips of 102cm (that’s 40.5 inches).

Ananda’s three-year contract worth €75,000 was also cut short, and she only claims to have received €10,000 of this.

Newspapers have reported that a lawyer working for Elite Models had said, “although she has a nice face, she has a fat arse,” and apparently because of this she could never be a catwalk model.

It is unsurprising then, that Ananda’s case has recently struck debate in the Netherlands about how women are trying to meet unfair physical standards. Ananda’s own lawyer said that although Elite suggested she would never be able fit their standards, she was extremely thin.

Above are two other models who have sparked controversy with their weight. This photo of Karlie Kloss (left) was adopted by pro-anorexia websites, and Vogue Italia quickly stopped using the image. Read more about Karlie, here. Lizzie Miller, on the other hand, was called too fat to be a model.

That’s right everyone, the weight debate is back! Too fat? Too thin? It’s hard to keep up.

Modelmanagement.com want to know your views! What do you think about Ananda’s unfair dismissal, all because of 2cm?