Hollywood Model Management from Los Angeles


Hollywood Model Management is a full service modeling agency in Los Angeles, California.  Their boutique managerial approach to the industry lets them focus on the development and careers of their models to help them reach their goals. Their relationships with top agencies around the world, international client base, and grass roots scouting provides them tools to foster the development of those they select to represent.

Located on the world famous HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD in the mecca of the entertainment industry, they realize their hip, young, fashion forward view must coincide with the world of entertainment. Their sister company, Hollywood Select Talent represents most of their models and helps develop them in the TV commercial, acting, hosting, and film world.

We chatted with one of the founders, Michael Scherer to find out more.

– How and when did Hollywood Model Management start?

MS: After years and years of modeling around the world and a large client database, I started HMM together with some LA veteran agents.

-Which are the three words that best define your agency?

Full development, Unique, LA’s strongest boutique agency

– What does Hollywood Model Management offer to the American and International Market in comparison to other agencies?

We are always scouting amazing new faces. But how we differ is most models come to LA to develop into TV/Film. We are the only agency in the world that have a theatrical (acting) department with Hollywood Select Talent. We do full development of models in TV/Film.

– How do you find models, especially new faces?

NEVER stop looking… everywhere!

– In your opinion, which are the key qualities that a model must have to succeed in the business?

Reliable, hard working, diligent, and GREAT personality!

– What are the trends for modeling in Hollywood?

It seems to be going more commercial.. what sales to the general public.

– What is the difference (if any) between the Modeling world in Hollywood and the International arena?

LA is driven by the film industry. We also have a very strong TV commercial department.

– How important is the Internet now in terms of how you do business and find talent?

The world is connected at the tips of our fingers.

– In what way has the internet and the new media affected the way in which you do business? Have many things changed?

We not longer send packages by mail, everything is electronic; from a lot of communication with clients and agencies worldwide to invoicing. The internet has made our world a lot more efficient.

If you want to more about Hollywood Model Management you can contact them directly through their modelmanagement.com profile.