How can YOU become a model?


Are you crazy about getting your modelling career running and you think that you have what it takes to become a model? Are you that girl or boy who dreams about being the face of the newest Chanel campaign or Givency‘s new parfume line? Walking on the latest runway shows, shootings with the best photographers in the world, all in all: living the perfect model life!

That’s where we come along, because we are glad to help you turn your dreams into reality!

Step 1 Tone it down a little, but stay healthy!

´You are what you eat´ is what they were saying a looong time ago and still do. Probably because it’s absolutely true!



If you want to become a model, you should eat healthy and take care of your body. Go to the gym once in a while for instance and drink at least one and a half to two liters of water per day. When doing this, you will notice that you don’t only look much better but you will feel much better too! Definitely worth a try I would say?




Step 2 Put on those huge glasses, it’s study time!

To become a model, you should at least know how to act like one. Modeling can be a really hard job and it’s definitely harder than it appears to be. In other words, take the job as a model very seriously!

Joao Afonso

Joao Afonso

Working together with the photographer and having a professional relationship with him/her is of great importance too!
It’s important to have a professional attitude and being polite to him or her is crucial. Besides, make sure you are on time to every shooting.
You never know how the photographer will recommend you to other photographers or agencies.
Treat them respectfully and they will for sure be respectful to you too.

. Step 3 Composing your portfolio

Ask your friends or parents to take pictures of you! It’s important to do this together with someone with whom you have a good connection.
If you feel comfortable with that person, the pictures will turn out a lot better!



Step 4 Create a Profile on!

Now that you have some model pictures it’s time to let the world know you are out there! Create a Model profile on our site and connect with the industry professionals and modelling agencies near you! Create your profile TODAY.



Step 5 Improve your portfolio

The very next thing would be to get more pictures taken by professionals. Take a look at the latest photo sessions on our ‘Marketplace’ where a lot of great photographers provide photo shoots for a really good price! It will be a great advantage for you to have professional pictures in your portfolio already.



marketplace models2

You can start your career by putting together a wonderful portfolio here!

Step 6 Appy to Castings!

Exciting: you’re going to visit a casting! What are the do’s and don’ts?

– When going to a casting, make sure you are on time.
– Do not wear that much make-up; the more natural the better!
– Practice your walk and pose before going to a casting
– Be polite to the people and never look down on anyone. Leave an impression that will stick to them (in a positive way, of course).
– Don’t forget to bring your portfolio to every casting you go to.

Looking for a casting? Stop searching, because we offer castings around the whole world!
Have a look at the castings we have worldwide and apply to those near you here! Great opportunities are waiting for you out there.


Maria José

When it doesn’t work out for you with a particular model agency, don’t be disappointed or feel bad! They are usually looking for a diverse range of models, if you don’t fit the profile that they have in mind, it’s not because you’re not able to be a model! You may have more luck with another agency. It’s important to never give up on your dreams!


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