How to break into the model industry!


Model Vanessa

The BIG question in every aspiring model’s mind is where do you start if you want to be a model?

We wanted to show you one example of how has helped Vanessa, a model from Spain to get her start and how she has developed her online presence to market herself. Vanessa is doing everything that a model should do to break into the model industry!

Model Vanessa

Barcelona based Vanessa started quite young by attending numerous castings, which is where she was first spotted by an agency. She knew the importance of being seen by the people who matter and made sure she was in the right places. However, as always patience is very much required by models as it can take a long time to get it right. So after 2 years Vanessa wanted to renew her image, and get herself online in the one place that agencies, scouts and photographers are sure to look, She signed up as a Premium model and took advantage of the services on offer, and she is now represented by model agency Scouting Barcelona, a Premium agency on So why did it work for Vanesa?

Model Vanessa

If you put yourself in the shoes of any model industry professional (agency, scout or photographer) who are looking for a model to either represent or to photograph and think about what THEY want to see? How will they know for sure that you are the right choice in preference to another model? Make it easy for them. That’s what Vanessa did!

To ensure that she had great photos that showed off her model potential Vanessa took advantage of a photo session organised through The results are fantastic and show her in a range of high quality photos, which can all be seen online on her model profile.

In addition arranged a videobook and video interview, so the modelling world can get an even fuller picture of who Vanessa is! This is a very important element in a complete model profile as the model can show off her personality, how she walks, talks, how she looks in reality and if she would be suited the acting world in TV commercials, internet videos and music promos.

Vanessa's profile

Your profile is your online business card! This is the perfect way to show the modelling world what you’re made of! Tell them that YOU have potential as a model and they should stop and look!

Vanessa's profile

Check out Vanessa’s model profile and see if your own profile matches with the following checklist:

1. Eye-catching profile photo
This is going to be the first image that people see in a search of thousands of models, so make sure it a great photo of you!

2. Main profile photo
The big photo that people see as soon as they click to see you. Consider this as the first impression you make, so the photo should be clear and striking.

3. Photobooks
This where you organise the different styles of photos that have been taken of you to make it easy for people to see your versatility as a model. Click here if you need photos.  Click here if you need photos

4. Videobooks
Show yourself in more than just a photo and let people see who you really are. Contact us if you need videos

5. Personal details
Provide as many details as possible about yourself. Make it easy for the people looking for models to know your measurements, location, which modelling categories and disciplines you are suitable for and what languages you speak. You can also add the clients and photographers that you’ve worked with previously to show your experience.

6. Connect your profile to Facebook!
Exposure is everything! You must tell people that you are a model and make sure they see your profile. By connecting your account with Facebook this is a great way of sharing your updates with your own social network, which leads to friends of friends seeing your profile, and one of those people could be a model industry professional looking for a model just like you!

To connect your model profile to Facebook visit the “Edit my Profile” link once you are logged in.

We hope that this a has given you an insight into one model’s experience and some very helpful tips to help you find work as a model. Premium model Vanessa is now working as a model because she took advantage of what could provide, are you?


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