Interview with Fresh Faces 2010 winner Sara San Martin


Sara San Martin – Photo by Eva Armillas

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Now that the Fresh Faces final’s in Spain are over for 2010, I asked winner Sara San Martin about her experience of the contest.

Sara San Martin: The day before the event, the team picked me up at the airport in Barcelona and drove me to the hotel ME, where I met the other finalists. They were all gorgeous! The organizing team headed up by Julieta Marcus, were very attentive to all of us at all times and this really helped me to feel comfortable and part of the group. Julieta and Marie Christine dealt directly with us, guiding us in everything we did.

Sara San Martin – photo by David Ruiz

The day of the competition was very intense, we started in the morning with a photo shooting, followed by a catwalk rehearsal with expert choreographer Marie-Ange Schmitt-Lebreton. After that came the fitting, then after eating we did more photo shootings with four different top fashion photographers and we ended with a dress rehearsal in front of the jury! I realised how important it is to give the best of you, to be very attentive to the guidelines of the photographers, to understand what they want at the photo shooting, and I realised how the whole team worked together with a good mutual understanding. I tried to give the best of me in the sessions and rehearsals, it was also important to connect with the other finalists and above of all enjoy the experience!

Sara San Martin – photo by José Aragón

Just before the jury’s decision I was very nervous and very attentive to everything that was happening. I was named winner! It took me a while to react,  but when I realised I felt more motivated and more convinced that this is what I want to do and I’m willing to work hard to be a good professional. Now there is so much work to do! And with more enthusiasm than ever!

Sara San Martin – Photo by Ansgar

I want to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity and trusting me. I promise to take full advantage!

Sara San Martin