It’s never too late to be a model – Premium Senior model Margaretha shares her story!


Many people may believe that the modeling industry is only for the young beauties but it is in fact, much wider than that.  As we are seeing more and more model agencies are beginning to exclusively represent senior models. Margaretha, one of‘s Premium senior models, shares her experiences from being a model over 40.

When did you first start your career as a model?

I started modeling at 43…  It was not exactly the dream scenario like sending a holiday picture to an agency and walking the catwalks of Paris a month later, but a more realistic and long way before I got my first paid job.

What made you think of starting persuing a career as a model?

I was in sports classes for a long time, wanting to be in shape again after becoming a mother of two lovely children. One day I heard heard some women talking about another woman (oh my, there is a lot of talking in the dressing rooms…) who did a photo shoot for herself because she was so proud of the results of her workouts. I wanted that too and after a few months, I booked myself a photo session with a photographer.  Well, the result was amazing and I was so proud that I sent the pictures all around, even to casting and model agencies, why not? Some responded positively, but most of them did not.  My pictures were glitter and glamour and that is not exactly how agencies want to see you…

Tell us about the difference you experienced from casting and modeling agencies?

There is a giant difference between casting agencies and model agencies. Casting agencies want more information about the model and also look for more diversity. I would say anyone can step into this world,  especially if you are not shy and have some acting skills or other talent.  Model agencies are a different story:  they want to meet you in person, they need to see professional photos and are also very, very selective.  But being older than 40 can be an advantage because the market is changing and the people are demanding more realistic advertisement of certain products. No more 20 year olds trying to sell products for seniors…  etc.

Do you think being active on the internet is important when you want to become a model?

I learned a lot from the internet.  I made some profiles on forums and got in contact with the photographer/modeling world.  I did a lot of unpaid work for photographers and started to work on a good portfolio.  Good experiences, bad experiences… And most of all: hard work. But as time went by combined with hard work and determination, doors started to open and I got more agencies wanting to hire me and paid jobs as well.

What advice would you give to someone who also wants to become a senior model?

So, to all the models above 40.  Do you want to model?  Get yourself onto internet forums and platforms like  Work with photographers and have a great time.  Try sending your pictures to casting or model agencies, and once you have professional photos it’s easier to apply to model jobs and also fun to have in family albums, on facebook etc.  Enjoy yourself and with some luck and focus you can go very far.  It is not a shame to be a model over 40 and it is certainly not a shame to get yourself quality professional photos.  But remember to be realistic about your ambition and just do it when you want to.

Margaretha recently did a commercial for Arti-Forte, here’s the result!

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