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So, you’ve decided that you want to be a model? That’s great news! A modeling career is a world of excitement, but don’t be fooled into thinking its an easy job. No way, think long hours, the potential for lots of travel meaning you’ll be away from family and friends and irregular income… if you’re still saying “YES please!” then we’ve put together our top tips for budding models. Let’s get ready to kick start your modeling career!

Do Your Research: What does modeling mean to you? What kind of model would you like to be? There are a lot of options out there including high fashion, swimsuit, print, fitness, plus size, hand model, and promotional model. Do some research into the different kinds of modeling, look at your own qualities and interests and decide which discipline you’d be most suited to, to give you the best chance at success.

Make the Most of You’re here right now, so that is a great start. is a great resource for models of all levels. Sign up for a free account to be part of the latest modeling jobs, connect with other models, photographers, agencies and other industry professionals and update your profile regularly to give yourself the highest chance of being noticed by other members of the MM community. Finally, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as subscribing to our newsletter so you can be one of the first to see exciting news, updates, and castings!

Team Up with Budding Fashion Photographers: Just like models, fashion photographers have to start somewhere, so why not work together to help each other grow and succeed?! To become a serious model you will need to develop a portfolio and of course, that doesn’t mean a collection of selfies, you need professional images that show off your talents as a model. Speak with friends, family and check out reliable sources such as here at to find a photographer to work with. Head over to this page here, where you can find professional photographers to help you update or begin your model portfolio!

Don’t Shun Unpaid Work: Though you want this to be a career and to make money, to begin with, it isn’t likely to be the case unless you’re very lucky! It’s going to take a bit of hard work to get noticed and have those paid jobs come in. Don’t turn away from those interesting, unpaid roles, instead use them as ways to further build your portfolio and show those model qualities that agencies and casting managers like to see. Show them you’re hard working, self-motivated and determined! Explore local fashion colleges and get involved in their yearly end of show runways or photo books, it all comes down to gaining exposure and experience. Take advantage of the Student Casting Initiative which works to connect aspiring models, fashion designers and other industry professionals, not only is it a safe and great way to find new projects, it also creates great new working relationships that can help your career grow. Learn more about the Student Casting Initiative in this blog.

Submit to Model Agencies: Once you’ve determined your modeling area and created that portfolio you may want to consider submitting to modeling agencies. Research the agency, what do they require? Do you fit the profile? If so, will you visit in person or submit online? Will you need an appointment? Read everything you can beforehand and ensure you’re following the agencies procedures so that they know that you are serious and a great candidate for them to work with. Agencies, though they are something traditionally associated with becoming a model, are not the only route for you to take. Here on our website, hundreds of model agencies from around the world have created accounts so they can discover YOU via your account. Keep your eyes on our castings page and look out for castings directly from agencies in addition to castings by designers and photographers. We’ve got them all, in one convenient place!

Stay in the Loop: The internet is a great networking tool so use it! Ensure your profile is up to date. Post images from your latest photo shoots or runway appearances. A great feature we added to model profiles is the ability to connect your profile with your social media accounts. This way you can share your images and profile creating more exposure for yourself and industry professionals can connect with you. Check out Liz Amiach’s profile with us, she’s a great example of how to be a social savvy model.

Liz Amiach


Stay Healthy and Positive: Throughout the process of starting your modeling career, and after, always do your best to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The industry can be tough and draining, those long hours will tire you out, so make sure you’re giving your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs by following a balanced diet. Also, consider undertaking hobbies outside of modeling that keep you active and give your mind a little downtime in between jobs, try things such as walking, yoga or pilates! Staying healthy and positive is best for both your career and your everyday life.

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