Manish Arora Brings Fantasies to Life


I’ve recently been reading about Indian-born designer Manish Arora, who’s designership never fails to disappoint with it’s crazyness. As I saw his Ready-to-Wear 2010 collection, I noticed that the designer’s still very much up to his fantastic, old tricks: Creating out-of-this-world fashion.

Designer Manish Arora/ Photo by Marcio Madeira

If you don’t know much about Manish Arora, I’ll give you a quick update. Manish Arora is an Indian fashion designer who has been creating incredible fashion since the late 90’s. For those who do know him, did you know that he’s considered by many as ”the John Galliano of India”? A cool little detail I thought was worth mentioning. But after you see what he creates, you will have no doubt why he is compared to the great Galliano, for his imagination is almost without limits when it comes to designing womenswear, particularly “ready-to-wear” collections.

Manish Arora London Fashion Week 2007

Scottish designer Christopher Kane has praised Manish Arora by saying: ” I think Manish is brilliant and people love his fantasies. I’m a big fan of Indian culture. I think India is rich in its heritage and has so much to offer to the fashion world in terms of fabrics, styles, colours and handwork. The world has noticed that already and Indian ensembles have great demand not only in England but also across the world.”

From Arora's 2009 collection

Designed by Manish Arora

In an interview he gave a few years back, he said how most of his inspiration comes from his homeland, India. ” India is one of my biggest inspirations. My designs represent India as far as textiles and the kind of workmanship you see in the garments. I love color, and it’s quite apparent in all my collections; a large part of that comes from being an Indian. Indian pop culture is a constant source of fascination for me and does make its way into most of my work.” — Said by the designers himself.

Ready-to-Wear 2010 in Paris/ Photo by Francois Mori

If something, Arora’s designs could be called Art Deco. I can’t think of any other appropriate term for it. But his way of bringing his Indian side to his collections is pretty creative and entertaining.  Without a doubt, more is more for the inventive and original designer who continues to create a juxtaposition with designing for everyday-use and for our fantasies.

Ready-to-Wear 2010/ Photo by Marcio Madeira

Many famous personas have chosen to wear an Arora design for various award shows and redcarpet gatherings. I suppose, wearing a dress by Arora would put you in the headlines for either making a huge fashion-faux-pas, or for showing that you’re certainly not lacking courage. His designs are definitely not for the faint-hearted, but they are incredibly inventive and elaborate.

M.I.A wearing a Manish Arora dress at the Grammy Awards/ Photo courtesy of

Check out his latest collection. With the designer’s imagination running wild, just how “ready-to-wear” do you think his collection is? Would you dare to wear one of his designs?