Meet our Modelstyle Contest Winner – Gert Vahemäe!


Gert is the second winner of  our Modelmanagement Modelstyle  Contest receiving 33 votes and 14 likes for his winter outfit. For this he received the amazing prize of a Premium Unlimited Lifetime Membership on

Check out here the winter outfit of our winner.

From a young age,  Gert showed  a passion for modelling, style  and photography. Although Gert is a keen and talented photographer his big dream is to be an international model. However, Gert isn´t a typical model, he was born deaf.

Gert is on a mission to show the world not only how good of a model he is but also that disability doesn’t  limit any person and with a bit of determination it is possible to realize your dreams. It is just a question of  strength and faith in what you love and who you are.

I want to show  the world that deaf people can do modelling too– says Gert with determination.

Model Gert Vahemäe

Here is what this strong minded model had to tell us:

1. How did you start to work in the modeling industry?

When I was young, I always wanted to be a model, so my sister took many pictures of me, i guess- i was her favorite model.  Then I photographed myself more and i became more interested in the modeling industry.

2. When was your latest work in the modeling industry?

My latest work in the modelling industry was in July in a photoshooting. So far, i haven’t done  more work because  i have to work, train and go to school.

3. Do you have a model, actor or photographer that you admire?

Yes, I do have two models I admire – Josh Beech and Sebastian Sauve. In my opinion they have a lot  potential and a good sense of style.

Model Sebastian Sauve

4. How do you prepare yourself to be a model?

I do a lot of research about the modeling industry and i prepare by taking care of myself, going to the dentist and training every day.

5. How do you define yourself?

Friendly, slightly shy, energetic, fun.

6. What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are shopping, travelling, photography and spending time with friends.

7. What are your plans for the  future?

My plan for the future is to finish vocational high school then go abroad to discover the world of modeling.

8. What recommendations would you give to models?

My recommendation to them is to be very true to yourself about the things you like doing and the things you don’t like doing.

After interviewing Gert, I was reminded of an inspiring quote,  “No road is long… when dreams are Big and the sky is the limit…”  I dont remember who said it, but it seems really fitting for the end of this post.

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