Milan Fashion Week 2010: Dolce & Gabbana Collection Winter 2010-2011


Model wise, Dolce & Gabbana went all out this season with no less than 90 models!! in their show. In line with their tribal way of advertising, the models came out in groups of 6 to 9. The opening models were  Dolce’s campaign favourites Noah Mills and David Gandy, both wearing a pair of men leggings! and some nice working boots/shoes that were seen throughout the whole show.


The show was set out like a movie, a story set up in a village in sunny Sicily. A big film screen at the start of the catwalk showed the story of a  man that fell in love with the village beauty. The starting music was mysterious and mesmerizing, it kept your full attention on the 9 guys owning the stage. Here is the video I made of the opening of the show.

The collection consisted of dirty washed jeans, tanktops, old newsboy caps, worker boots, suit vests, velvet black suits, white collar shirts, short and long leggings, fleece pants, and knitwear sweaters and jumpers in v-necks or bottoned. All in sober colours of grey and black, white and brown earth tints.




The mysterious sounds were mixed with fragments of movie atmosphere lovestory music that changed between the groups of boys coming out, as you can see in this video.

At the finale, all 90 models came out in tanktops with small belted suit and fleece pants. On the front row we have models Antonio Navas, Noah Mills, David Gandy, and Adam Senn.


Here you can see the video I made of all 90 models at the end that left the stage at the  front. Okok, it’s a little overlighted, but still..

On the Dolce & Gabbana website you can see more material, including the full show video! Next runway stop: Vivienne Westwood, featuring backstage footage!

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