Olympia Le-Tan: “You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover”


Bags and purses mean a lot to almost every modern-day girl. Be it in the form of a designer clutch or a more practical rucksack, bags form an important part of a look and can easily make or break an outfit.

Olympia Le-Tan Shakespeare book bag

Many women follow fashion trends solely on the basis of accessories, such as bags. For that reason I wanted to find out where the inspiration comes from for creating these magical, little things that every girl willingly carries around with them on a daily basis. And in the midst of my research, I came across something pretty innovative and fun.

Johnny Purple book bag

Have you heard of…

Book bags? I hadn’t until one day, not too long ago, I came across French designer Olympia Le-Tan, who has given “book bags” a revolutionary new meaning.

French designer and DJ Olympia Le-Tan

With a bit of research I was able to dig some information on the quirky designer, and what I managed to find was that Olympia Le-Tan was inspired by the first edition covers of her favorite novels such as ‘The Catcher in The Rye’, ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’, ‘Moby Dick’, ‘1984’, Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’, as well as a selection of police novels by French author Georges Simenon.

Her collection is called “You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover”, and features bags made from storybooks and lined with Liberty patterned fabric. There are 21 different book covers to choose from, and the whole collection holds a stock of 16 bags per design. So it’s the survival of the fittest, if you want your hands on one of her bags.

Olympia Le-Tan Mody Dick book bag

As I discovered more about Ms. Le-Tan as a designer, I felt even more intrugued to find out a bit more about the ideas behind her concept. Before she introduced her own cool line of bags, Olympia gained some, undoubtedly valuable, experience by working for Chanel. In addition, she has contributed to French fashion magazines of the likes of Purple and Jalouse, by creating fashion content for their monthly editions. No doubt her past work experience within cool fashion settings, as well as the artist blood that runs through her veins, have made her equipped to pull off such a unique collection of her own.

Natalie Portman pictured in December 2010 with her Olympia Le-Tan Lolita bag

I find her collection exhilirating, fresh and innovative, to say the least. Moreover, I always get inspired by people who succeed in creating something that’s a bit out of the norm, which I think Olympia Le-Tan has done with great precision and talent. Le-Tan’s “book bags” have been available for purchase since January 2010. Collette has full rights for selling and marketing Ms Le-Tan’s line.

Have a look at her full collection and tell us what you think.

Photos courtesy of google image search.