Oooops! – Celebs and their make-up disasters!


At least every girl knows it! MAKEUP DISASTERS! No – it isn’t fun at all when it happens to you! However, if you see a superstar with wrong make-up, too much foundation or even with a yellow tanning face line, it’s quite funny.. To make you smile today we share with you some celebs makeup stylist that looked quite wrong that particular day. To name only a few… Mariah Carey, Angelina Jolie and Katy Perry are all victims of these accidents.

Mariah Carey‘s idea of having a little bronze on.. was maybe not her best idea! She looks like she slept  in a tanning machine!


Marriah Carey

Also Christina Aguilera had a little too much make-up – even on her hair. Peroxide blonde hair with brown makeup is not the best combination!


Christina Aguilera

Caution! Don’t frighten! Yes, it’s really Melissa Joan Hart. White powder everywhere!


Melissa Joan Hart

Poor Angelina Jolie! Looks like she had the same problem! This setting powder is namely to fix the makeup. In real live it is transparent – which means it is invisible- the powder is only visible on HD cameras.


Angelina Jolie – visible setting powder

Our top model Heidi Klum is also a vicitim of makeup disasters! Her hairline is super white in contrast to the rest of her face.



Heidi Klum

Less is more! But not on Nicki Minaj. She is known for her super thick coat makeup.


Nicki Minajs

Brandy‘s eyes look a little too pale in comparison to the rest of her face- what do you think?



Ooops! Eva Longoria had an under eye malfunction! We don’t blame you, we blame your makeup artist!

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

As you can see ladies, it doesn’t  only happen to you! Also your favorite celebs are makeup victims and it is even worse for them! The whole world can see it! So better look twice before you leave the house! 😉

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