Our Favourite US Fashion Blogs this Month!


Meet four different American based girls with amazing style who can seemlessly combine an interest in fashion writing and photography. These are the first to be highlighted in our new series of the most exciting new fashion bloggers from the US! Their choice of imagery and their talent for presenting the coolest new stories is amazing!


Stephanie  is an 18-year-old newfound college student with an ardent love of writing, fashion, and photography, and her blog just happens to be a culmination of the three. It’s a personal-style blog inspired by almost everyone and everything. ‘I feel like no matter where you are, no matter who you meet, you’ll definitely find something special’ she says. She has lived in Yokohama, Shanghai, California, Wisconsin, and Indiana – and she find that her style changes accordingly to each city.


Photo from www.highstitchedvoice.blogspot.com



Paula from Fashion Feen started her blog in 2008 in an effort to combine her love for writing, fashion and creativity. She never expected after four quick years later, that Fashion Feen would be up to a steady 1,400-1,600 views a day! ‘I don’t limit my fashion blog to any one topic or genre, because I want it to be helpful to all ages and genders’ she says. Fashion Feen covers celebrity style, both men’s and women’s fashion, accessories, shoes, designers, beauty and more. She aspires for Fashion Feen to be one of the most popular blogs on the web! And we believe that it is going to happen soon!


Photo from www.fashionfeen.wordpress.com



Hallie lives in Los Angeles with her husband Bob, and their 4 year-old son, nicknamed Red Bear. Before settling down to life in the U.S. she worked as a TV sport reporter in China and then as a Government Foreign Affair travel agent, traveling around the world.  That experience really helped to open up her mind. She is now writing a blog about real life and personal style. Her husband took most of the pictures which we literally love! The blog is in two languages: English and Chinese.


Photo from www.halliedaily.com



Nifesim studies marketing and live in Baltimore, MD.  She started blogging in 2006 but started directing her posts towards fashion in August 2010. She is a fashion stylist and her blog gives an insight on her personal, extraordinary style which we love.


Photo taken from www.skinnyhipster.com

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