Jul 16

(English) Make Cool Shit happen!


(English) What do Lionel Ritchie’s head, hamburgers and yellow jackets all have in common?

Jul 10

(English) Fresh Faces Contestants: Where Are They Now?


(English) As ModelManagement.com launches it’s last few Fresh Faces 2014 contests, we thought we’d bring you all back to the past winners of Fresh Faces and see where they are now!

Jun 27

(English) Here’s what happened at the Fresh Faces by Privalia Live Casting in Barcelona


(English) So much went on in the Fresh Faces by Privalia Live Casting in Barcelona it’s unbelievable…

May 28

(English) Behind the ModelManagement.com T-shirts


(English) ModelManagement.com teamed up and went to Barcelona’s beach! To do what? Give away modelmanagement.com T-shirts of course!

May 23

(English) Don’t miss this! Live Casting today in Barcelona for Fresh Faces with top agency Francina Models!


(English) If you think you have what it takes to be a model and you want to be seen by top agency Francina Models, AND the CEO of ModelManagement.com, check this out and come along to La Maquinista today! Your modeling future could be about to start!

May 12

(English) 8 Simple Secrets to Increase YOUR Fresh Faces Votes


(English) Looking to gain more votes in the Fresh Faces 2014 contest you’ve entered? We’ve got 8 awesome tips for you in this week’s editorial! Click the link to find out more!

Nov 27

(English) Win a Model Video book with cool filmmakers Yunico Audiovisual!


(English) Barcelona-based professional film-makers Yunico Audiovisuals, tell us about the importance of video books in the fashion world, how you can win yours, and the amazing projects they have been working on so far!

Oct 22

(English) Fresh Faces World Finals 2013 MODEL DIARIES! All you need to know about the event in Barcelona!


(English) The Fresh Faces 2013 World Finals finally started last Monday the 14 of October. It was the first day of the big modeling event which involved great fashion photographers, agencies and lots of fresh faces! Read what happened on these two fascinating days in down town Barcelona!

Aug 1

(English) Fresh Faces Angola 2013: Interview with Karina Barbosa of STEP Models!


(English) Learn more about Step Models, the agency behind Fresh Faces Angola 2013 who also manages the careers of Top Models such as Maria Borges and Sharam Diniz!

Jul 31

(English) Scouting Model School, the first step to a successful Professional Modelling career!


(English) Scouting Model School offers personalized attention to models by giving them the necessary tools to succeed in the industry in order to become Professional models!

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