Sep 18

(English) Speaking with the Top Voted Fresh Faces Korea 2014


(English) Find out what LYnda and Chase had to say when we told them they were the top voted models of Fresh Faces Korea 2014!

Sep 1

(English) Frank Nader’s pictures will let you speechless!


(English) Today lets focus on Frank Nader, a Swiss photographer who lived and traveled to exotic countries! From inspiration to photo shoots, everything comes from there!

Aug 29

(English) Quentin Décaillet, the perfect wedding photographer!


(English) After Jay Land and Sven Germann, it’s time to discover another Swiss photographer: Quentin Décaillet, specialist in wedding photography. Seems exciting isn’t it?!

Aug 27

(English) We’re falling back into childhood thanks to Laura Jenkinson!


(English) Laura Jenkinson is the new popular make up artist! She has over 140.000 followers on social media and has been interviewed for Today Show Australia. A veritable storm thanks to the heroes from our childhood!

Aug 4

(English) Another casting success with Eat a Rainbow!


(English) Did you notice our recent casting call for Eat a Rainbow’s video clip? We will show you some pictures from behind the scenes and tell you how amazing the shooting was!

Jul 10

(English) Modafad & Proyecto T present the next Fashion Design promises!


(English) ModaFad and ModelManagement’s CEO Andreas Von Estorff discovered the next fashion design promises! Which designers will show their collections at the Fresh Faces 2014 World Finals in October?

Jun 27

(English) #ModelSafety: How to Avoid Being Scammed as a Model


(English) Unfortunately, modeling scams are quite common in the modeling industry, so we’ve put together the ultimate top tips for how to avoid being scammed!

Jun 19

(English) Meet some of the hottest Fresh Faces Austria 2014 Applicants!


(English) The Fresh Faces Austria 2014 Modeling Contest went into its next round and there are some amazing applicants already! Read more…
The super hot Fresh Faces Austria 2014 Applicants are here!

May 28

(English) Behind the T-shirts


(English) teamed up and went to Barcelona’s beach! To do what? Give away T-shirts of course!

May 26

(English) Fresh Faces 2014 Live Casting Highlights


(English) All you need to know about the Fresh Faces 2014 Live Casting in Barcelona!

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