Jan 20

“MUTTON DRESSED AS… FABULOUS MUTTON” – Meet 88 years old Iris Apfel, the ultimate style icon!


Over the past few years we have been hearing the phrase “Mutton dressed as lamb”
rather often. The term is used to describe middle-aged or elderly people trying to look
younger. But these poor women who usually lie about their age for sheer fear of being
rejected, often have no other choice but to end up looking like lambs!

Dec 17

‘BY THEIR TATTOOS YE SHALL KNOW THEM’ – Designer tattoos are the latest fashion accessory.


Top supermodels like Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour, Amber Smith, Carre Otis, Amy Wesson among many others, are well known for sporting one or more tattoos on their bodies, which they use to express themselves and that – let me tell you mum – has not prevented them at all from having a successful career.

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