Apr 9

Anja Rubik, Polish supermodel discovered in a modeling contest!


Anja Rubik has been one of the top super models since 2005. Did you know she was scouted in a modeling contest like Fresh Faces?

Jan 16

The Legendary – Kate Moss


Some of the most memorable moments of British topmodel Kate Moss.

Dec 22

The Real Story of a Real Model: Solveiga Mykolaityte


Modeling is not as easy as people think. Read the story of Solveiga Mykolaityte, her fears, difficulties and success stories.

Dec 16

Amaze Models: It’s always an advantage to do what you’re best at!


Get to know one of the coolest German model agencies and benefit from their long experience in the model business!

Dec 11

Inside The Shopping Night Barcelona!


Something you cannot miss. Just amazing.

Nov 18

Transgenders breakthrough


Transgenders breakthrough in the beauty industry! Lea T. the Brazilian model is the first one to get a modeling job in the beauty industry. She is the new face for Redken!

Nov 17

How to dress up perfectly this winter?


If you want to know what to wear this winter, this is where it happens!

Oct 30

Happy Birthday Mario Testino!


ModelManagement celebrates Mario’s birthday with the Top10 of Vogue Covers ever made!

Oct 28

The sexiest bearded men ever!


Your next boyfriend will be bearded, for sure!

Oct 21

Sad news for fashion lovers…


“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself” – Oscar De La Renta

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