Take a closer look – Dove makes a video to show the trickery of photoshop, make-up and lighting


If you have ever wondered why sometime models or celebs look very different in real life to when you see them on posters or in magazines,  here’s the reason why.  Most of the time they are not as perfect as you are lead to believe, there’s something else going on.

The wonders of Photoshop, as well as make-up, styling and lighting all help to create the image that you will finally see, and 9 out 10 times the images would have been manipulated in post-production by some talented fella on a computer.

Take a look at this famous video from Dove that has gone viral crazy over the past year and had over 1 million views. We thought it was worth another look for all of you who missed it the first time.

So you can stop kicking yourself that your hips are too big or your cheek bones are not quite high enough…just take a moment, sit back and relax. It’s now time to understand that nobody’s perfect 😉

Watch the video now to see the trickery…err…I mean magic!