The Changing Faces of the Model Industry


After Girl’s Week last week at, we thought we would take a look at the changing faces of the model industry and how there are constant opportunities for female models no matter about shape, size, age, or race!

Way back in the 60’s when a short girl with big eyes and a tiny frame (which awarded her the nickname “Twiggy”) stumbled onto the fashion scene, she changed the way working models looked. Some years after, in 1988,  a long-legged beauty named Naomi Campbell bought black models onto the fashion scene again and became the first ever black model to appear on the cover of French Vogue. She became one of the biggest supermodels of the 80’s alongside other curvacious and beautiful women such as Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford. However, in the 90’s came along a 14-year old called Kate who bought a different shape and style to models we once knew.

Let have a look at some of the most diverse models painting pages of our magazines today…

Varied Magazine Covers

The Shorter Model

Whilst most models nowadays tower over us all at 175cm, models like Kate Moss (170cm) and Devon Aoki (who has been called “The World’s Shortest Supermodel” at 168cm) prove that it can be done if you’re a little bit on the short side!

Devon, American Vogue 2012. Photo by: Norman Jean Roy

Kate Moss, Número Tokyo. Photo by: Solve Sundsbo

The Plus-size Model

It’s always controversial to use the term “plus-size” but models with curves have been making a comeback for some time now. Vogue Italia even have a whole section on their website dedicated to curvy models.

Tara Lynn, Vogue Italia 2011. Photo by: Stephen Meisel

Whilst the majority of designers still use slender women on catwalks, plus-size models are appearing more and more frequently in magazines and on catwalks.

Crystal Renn "One Size Fits All" V Magazine, 2010. Photo by: Terry Richardson

Plus-size model Crystal Renn has publicly battled with her weight gain and loss in the last couple of years.

The Androgynous Model

Here I want to distinguish the difference between the androgynous female model and the transgender model, both of which are key players in today’s fashion industry.

On one hand, take stunning male model Andrej Pejic who is effortlessly feminine, and models both male and female catwalks.

Andrej Pejic in 1883 Magazine, 2011. Photos by: Kristiina Wilson

And on the other, we have female models such as Agyness Deyn, Freja Beha, and Erin O’Connor who are known for their androgynous, almost tomboyish look.

Agyness Deyn in LOVE Magazine, 2010. Photo by: Boo George

Freja Beha covers i-D, 2010. Photo by: Emma Summerton

Tao Okamoto, Vogue Japan 2009. Photo by: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

The Older Model

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer recently made an appearance in Guess Jeans’ ad. campaign 23 years after her first. We think she looked hotter than ever and proved that you don’t have to be a teen to still have what it takes!

Claudia Schiffer changed the face of Guess in 1989 and here she is in 2012.

Though Claudia Schiffer isn’t quite yet ‘old-aged’… Model Daphne Selfe didn’t get her modelling break until she was aged 70! Now 82 she is known as the world’s oldest model!

Daphne is signed with Models1.

Check out this cool gallery on by Fashion Photographer Frank. P. Wartenberg.

"Eveline" by Frank P. Wartenberg

The Black Model

The history of black models has always faced some controvery and at one stage the fashion world an unfriendly place for black models. Naomi Campbell, one of the most famous black supermodels, thanks fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent for her boosting successful career, and also for standing up for black models in the industry.

Naomi and the others in "A League of Their Own". Photo by: Mario Testino

Model Jourdan Dunn became the first black model to walk for Prada since Naomi Campbell in 1997, and has been applauded for her strong-minded and truthful views on black models: “London’s not a white city, so why should our catwalks be so white?”

"The Black Allure", Vogue Italia 2011. Photo by: Emma Summerton

Stunning supemodel Joan Smalls, Vogue Australia 2012. Photo by: Kai Z Feng

The Quirky-Looking Model

Hate the gap in between your teeth? Teased about your red hair at school? Well, some of the biggest names around at the moment are quirky and cool and it seems like fashion industry can’t get enough of them! To be honest, neither can we…

Lindsey Wixson, Harper's Bazaar 2011. Photo by: Terry Richardson

You don’t have to be conventionally beautiful to make it big in this day & age!

Lily Cole, Interview magazine. Photo by: Mario Sorrenti

Maricarla Boscono, Vogue Italia. Photo by: Stephen Meisel


So models, whether you’re conventionally beautiful or weird and wonderful, tall and lean or short and curvy, welcome you to our international network!