The John Galliano Saga | To Caesar what is Caesar’s And To God What Is God’s


I am not one to blog about tabloid scandals but this is a fashion tabloid scandal and it involves John Galliano – one of the best fashion designers in the world.

Much is being said in the media about the “racist” comments made by the designer to a couple of ‘poor women’ who were on the receiving end of his drunken rants and not enough is being said about why the so called “victims” of Galliano’s alleged “anti-Semitic attack” were so readily prepared, video cam in hand, to film the designer without his knowledge and consent. Let alone of how the famous video arrived at the headquarters of the bitchiest tabloid newspaper in the world.

We can all smell the plot here.

Now, I am not in favor or against of what Galliano said, who am I to judge? ‘Let he who is without
sin cast the first stone’

It doesn’t take a genius to notice that Galliano was being provoked in the infamous video by the women who were on the other side of the camera, laughing like a pair of feisty hyenas, adding fuel to an already lit fire – and I’m sure that most of us would have probably said or done worse things to them, especially after a drink or two (enty)

Contrary to what happened with the death of McQueen a year ago – another major event to have
shaken the fashion world – which actually showed us all how united, loyal and supportive the fashion
industry could be, with this ill intended Galliano story, we are witnessing the opposite. Fashion has
shown us its ugly face, a world that turns a cold shoulder on a man who has contributed enormously
to the development of the industry, inspiring millions with his un-paralleled vision and his incredibly creative work.

What is really sad here to see is that the fashion house that he spent the last 14 years rebuilding and re-writing the history of has now turned its back on him. Shame on you Dior and what a message to send to the future fashion geniuses of this world: ‘Il m’aime beaucoup! A la folie! Pas du tout!’

To judge John Galliano professionally, after a mistake made on a personal level – the mistake being vulnerability here, and the wrong choice of words and drinking companions – and to fire him on those grounds is a real shame on the fashion house. Galliano’s amazing talent, his work and his incredible contribution to fashion, and the respect and love that he has earned himself as a professional, throughout years of hard work and dedication to the industry are far too great to be dismissed just like that, and for his reputation to be destroyed under the light of some human remarks, made whilst off
duty -and clearly- after being heavily intoxicated.

Whilst ‘anti-Semitic comments’ are illegal and punishable with jail in France, filming someone in a vulnerable position, without his knowledge and consent, and distributing the content seems to be perfectly legal in these crazy modern times in which we live in, where everyone carries a camera in their pocket.

Lets play nicely kids and lets all remember John Galliano for what he is, a human and one of the greatest fashion designers in the world.