The Model Queens of Rock-Chick Style!


If there’s one style that will never disappear it has to be the Rock-Chick style! It’s cool, it’s strong,  it’s crazy and I love it! So let’s spend the next few minutes celebrating this style and looking at some of the coolest Rock-Chick queens in recent history!

Kate Moss & her Rock-Chick style!


One of the best examples of someone that knows how to be a proper Rock-Chick is the one and only Kate Moss.

Kate Moss by Patrick Demarchelier

We could see her rock style transformation whilst she was dating Pete Doherty. They might have been crazy times for her but she could still shine and inspire us with her rock style every day. Kate was able to make every outfit ‘classy-sexy-rock’ in a unique way. And she still does sooooo well.

Kate Moss & Pete Doherty

Another example would be lovely Erin Wasson. She’s way too cool. From her clothes, tattoos and attitude. She’s one of those models who wears every piece of clothing as if she was featred in a rock song video.  She truly ROCKS!!!!.

Erin Wasson for Zadig & Voltaire Spring 2011 Campaign

The way she mixes “trashy style” clothes is amazing .

Erin Wasson's Trashy Style

Erin Wasson at Burberry Fashion Show

To get a Rock-Chick Style outfit you don’t need much. Just some inspiration, creativity and probably it’s best if you like rock music.  Get yourself some boots, knee length shorts, studded belt and a funky top and you’ll look totally hot. The most common types of footwear are biker boots, knee-high boots and maybe skate shoes, but frankly it doesn’t matter what type of footwear you wear, as long as it gets other’s attention.

Also, the accessories MUST be  over-sized like our Premium model Olivia wears on her ModelStyle photo.

Premium Model Olivia's ModelStyle

Skinny  jeans and black tights  are absolutely essential to any Rock-Chick outfit ! And don´t forget about the leather jacket.

Here´s Raluca´s rock street style on our ModelStyle !

Raluca's ModelStyle on

How would YOU describe a Rock Chick style ?

We cannot wait to see your photos on ModelStyle!  Make it look ROCK !!!