The Modern Day Pocahontas


The catwalk Pocahontases

One curious thing I noticed as I was looking at the up-and-coming trends for Spring 2011, as set by some top designers, is that it’s definitely deemed a season for fringes… loads of them. Many of the Spring/Summer 2011 Ready-to-Wear collections illustrate an abundance of all sorts of fringes, frills, feathers and whatnot. And only on thing comes to mind: Pocahontas!

Roberto Cavalli

High-end designers, such as Roberto Cavalli, Versace and Gucci, to name but a few, all show an incredible resemblance with each other in terms of their latest collections. And that in itself is something interesting as it makes me think and wonder, how come and for what reason would so many different fashion houses produce such similar styles for this season. Are they all looking into the same crystal ball and seeing what the next seasons’ trends will be or am I missing something? Take a look and tell us your thoughts.


House of Holland

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli


Could it all be a coincidence or is there a master plan of some sort going on? Well, be it what it may, what do you think of this trend? Does the Pocahontas look tickle your fancy enough to give it a try?

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