The Year of the Beard!!


We’re all so used to our male models being so attractive with their clean shaven and smooth faces… Not any longer, this year is most definately the year of the beard!

Now, I am fully aware that beards and moustaches have been springing up on the faces of  many men around the world, with the encouragement  from events such as Movember.  But now the beard has taken  hold of the fashion world.

John Lewis, a large department store in the British high street, launched their new adverts using the striking face -and facial hair!-  of Johnny Harrington.  Johnny caused a bit of a stir amongst the british newspapers as the Daily Mail deemed his look like that of  ” a gingery tramp!”

The images show the new John Lewis & Co. Line of well crafted shirts, crew neck jumpers and blazers and other trendy clothes for gentlemen on a  rugged looking Johnny. His wild red beard and his vast amounts of hair pulled back into a messy bun are a definate contrast to the tidy designs of the clothing but together its perfection  and it seems the Twitter world thinks so too as people -especially the ladies- are going mad for Mr. Harrington.  Marc Forsyth, a manager at John Lewis, spoke about the search for a model and how they wanted “the spirit of British tradition of exploration and adventure. To pull this off, we needed a model with a rugged, authentic appearance—someone who you really could believe had been on an adventure.”  Johnny definately fits that description and we’re glad of it too!

Choosing a look such as Harrington’s for such a well known brand was a risk for the company but a risk that has definately paid off! Sales have risen by a massive 250% since the photographs were released.

With all this chat and excitement about the charming red head you’d think he’d never modelled before but you are mistaken. His freckled face has been about for a good few years now featuring in a campaign for The Kooples and Apollo Novo just to name a couple.

Aswell as featuring in the previously named campaigns, Johnny had his beautiful face grace the covers for French Elle‘s special men’s edition. In some of the photos for Elle magazine he even manages to make men’s sandals look good, how is that even possible? Quite the little star it seems!

Well, I for one am glad that this face seems like it’ll be staying around for a long while to come and here at we can’t wait to see what Johnny Harrington gets his pose on for next! He’s leading the front for the bearded boys and that can only mean more beards on our magazine covers! We love it!

Let us know what you think about Johnny and his unique look! If you or someone you know is rocking some amazing facial hair, tell them to sign up on’s modeling community, where bearded models are in high demand!


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